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Telegrapths, We are Tokyo
Bristol, Academy 2
27 th April 2009
Innerpartysystem         Telegrapths        We Are Tokyo      
Photo Of We Are Toyko © Copyright Rob LawrenceOnly just getting in to the Bristol academy, just before We Are Tokyo are on, and forcing my way through the very young crowd, mostly scene kids, with there some of there parents lurking by the bar and near the back of the room, with such a young crowd, im feeling very old tonight.

A home gig tonight for this bristol band, performing there own brand of electro indie rock, while there sound is well organised with the singer breaking off from his bass to whack some electric drum pads next to his mic stand, the sound fails to inspire, the guitarist is plagued by tuning problems, which could have been sorted by getting a second guitar, while tuning was in progress, this broke up and fluidity to the set, and seemed very unprofessional, the drumming was standard with the drummer doing the odd stick trick in between beats, but mainly the band is pretty much static but comes to life at the end of the set.

Photo Of Telegraphs © Copyright Rob LawrenceFilling the stage next is telegraphs, a 5 piece rock band from brighton with the rock sound that gets melancholic at times and gets catchy at points but its performed with great energy, with most of the band getting around the stage and close to chaos as they almost run into each other when there at their most active, but despite the energy, the songs performed get going but then never seem to peak leaving me and some of the auidence feeling slighty robbed after each song is over, but on a whole its a good performance which is well recieved by the majority of the young and now sweaty crowd as the auidence is getting bigger and closer to the stage to get in a good position for innerpartysystem.

When i first heard don't stop, i honestly thought that it was a new release from pendulum, but after a while and some investigating, i found it to be a band from the US called innerpartysystem, after buying the album and being pleasantly surprised at how fucking good it was, and why it had taken so bloody long to discover this band. when there about to start, and to much to my dismay Patrick Nissley, the singer, asked for the front lights to be turned down, i was in for a tough night in the almost non existent photography pit, but all the stage monitors have been removed, which gave me a bit of room to work with, but it was still a nightmare to shoot, due to all the lights on the stage being behind the Photo Of Innerpartysystem © Copyright Rob Lawrenceband, anyway enough dribble, the show was i have to say, fan fucking tastic, and what they were doing on a such a small stage, is beyond me they should be on the main stage in the academy, they pretty much performed the self titled album and a track off there download EP, the songs performed such as obsession (my friends favorite track), new poetry, die tonight live forever, don't stop as the encore, alot of the tracks differed to the album performances, which for some reason baffled the crowd, the tracks had some of the beats slowed down and some parts of the songs were extended, this showing great skill and showing how much of a great live band they are, from going from the basis of the album and then expanding and extending the tracks, is just awesome to behold, i recommend that you catch them in smaller gigs before paying a lot more when they get a alot bigger than they are now.

Innerpartysystem 5/5
Telegrapths 3/5
We Are Tokyo 2/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Patrick Nissley
Jared Piccone
Kris Barman
Jesse Cronan


Sam Bacon (drums)
Hattie Williams (bass, vocals)
Darren LeWarne (guitar)
Aung Yay (guitar)

 We Are Tokyo


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