Gig Review

Papa Roach
Filter, Dear Superstar
Birmingham, Academy
18th April 2009
Papa Roach                   Filter          Dear Superstar       
Photo Of Dear Superstar © Copyright Rob LawrenceSo tonight I headed to the Academy in Birmingham to Watch Papa Roach rock so hard with Filter and Dear Superstar in tow to get the night started, Dear Superstar were meant to be on stage at 7pm tonight but due to the stupid early opening time of 6pm and the early curfew of 9.45pm due to a club night being on after, Dear Superstar took to the stage extremely early at 6.15pm and due to myself having interview commitments with Papa Roach during this time I missed the whole Dear Superstar set but from what I could hear from back stage they sounding pretty damn energetic, luckily fellow Alternative Vsion team member Rob Lawrence was also at the show and managed to see Dear Superstar and had the following to say.

Photo Of Dear Superstar © Copyright Rob LawrenceDear superstar, no this isn't the start of a letter, these are a 5 piece sleazy rock band from Manchester, on the last date of their support of papa roach, sauntering on to stage, kicking off loud, fast and heavy, playing fan favourite 'Brothers in Blood' plus two new songs 'Never Surrender’ and ‘Glitter Like Gold’ which are well received by the Birmingham crowd, the band filling the stage with the presence of a headlining act, they rock out hard an get a good response from the crowd, good nights work.

Now Rob has got his words out about Dear Superstar I will continue my gig review, once I finished interviewing Papa Roach I made my way down stairs to a very packed out Birmingham Academy, Filter were on stage and currently half way through there set, So I stood in the crowd on the far right hand side from the stage and watched the band from a far, now I have never seen Filter play before but I have heard a lot of positive things about them and how they have influenced many bands, but during the 4 songs that I managed to see from Filter they did nothing for me at all, they seemed really bored on stage with not much movement at all, and for the crowd, well they all looked like they were going to nod off to sleep, the only song I remember from Filter’s set was ‘Take A Picture’ and I was really looking forward to hearing the song as it was one of the only Filter songs that I have heard in the past, but sadly it was a big let down and Filter did nothing to build the crowd up for Papa Roach.

Photo Of Papa Roach © Copyright TriggerWhen Filter left the stage there was about a 30minute wait, but this time went pretty damn quick for me as there was problems with my photo pass, I some how got given a photo pass for Dear Superstar when I should have been given one for Papa Roach and due to the security being fussy they wouldn’t let me in the photo pit until I got the problem solved, luckily I did but it took the best part of 30minutes.

Papa Roach took to the stage in true rock star fashion which each member of the band walking on one at a time with a lengthy gap between the next member taking to the stage whilst smashing out the hectic introduction instrumental track ‘Days Of Way’ which quickly ran into ‘Change Or Die’ the second frontman Jacoby Shaddix took to the stage, now for the full 1 hour 20minutes that Papa Roach were on stage they were totally energetic, frontman Jacoby Shaddix spent the majority of the show running and jumping across the stage, when on stage he is like an animal let loose who needs attention, excitement and energy to feed his kicks, by the end of the first main track ‘Change Or Die’ he was drenched in his own sweat and I wondered how he was going to make it through the next 1hour 15minutes but he did and in such an hectic full on way.

Photo Of Papa Roach © Copyright TriggerThe next few tracks that Papa Roach played were some of their hits such as ‘Broken Home’, ‘To Be Loved’ and ‘Getting Away With Murder’ the fans went nuts to each and every one of these songs but with people going more mad to ‘To Be Loved’ mainly for the fact that Jacoby put on a quick rendition of The Ramones classic ‘Hey Ho Lets Go’ before kicking off into the song.

The set that Papa Roach played was a mixed set with songs from each and every album they have ever released being played, the hits went down very well and the new songs also went down well which goes to show that the Papa Roach fans can deal with change and have accepted the bands new style and sound.

One of the biggest highlights for me was to see the band perform ‘Between Angels And Insects’, now that is a song that I have always loved, ever since when I first heard it back in 2001 and it is still a classic which sounds so much better live.

Like most bands Papa Roach played an encore which consisted of the extremely catchy sing-along track ‘Scars’, the bands forthcoming single ‘I Almost Told You That I Love You’ and the song that got most people into Papa Roach back in 2001 which is ‘Last Resort’.

When Papa Roach left the stage I looked around and everyone had a big smile on their face and looked extremely hot and sweaty which is proof to me that Papa Roach rocked the fuck out of the Academy tonight.

Papa Roach 5/5
Filter 2/5
Dear Superstar 4/5

Review By Trigger and Robert Lawrence

 Papa Roach

Jacoby Shaddix (Lead vocals)
Jerry Horton (Lead guitar, Backing vocals)
Tobin Esperance (Bass guitar, Backing vocals)
Tony Palermo (Drums, Backing vocals)


Richard Patrick
Mitchell Marlow
Mika Fineo
John Spiker

 Dear Superstar

Micky Satiar (Vocals)
Smeth (Lead Guitar)
Milton Gunns (Rythm Guitar)
Amadeus (Bass Guitar)
The Minge (Drums)

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