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Wednesday 13
Glamour Of The Kill, The Chelsea Smiles
Newcastle Academy
31st March 2009
Wednesday 13       Glamour Of The Kill      The Chelsea Smiles
Photo Of Wednesday 13 © Copyright Ellie PockleyNewcastle was given what is in my experience, a rare treat on Tuesday as Wednesday 13 paid a visit to the north east. Rarely I find, do all of the bands at a gig equally well but this was different.

The first support band, The Chelsea Smiles were very impressive. The high energy show combined with classic rock/punk rock tones worked really well and the performance got the enthusiastic reception it deserved. With songs like 'On The Run', 'Take You Away' and 'Pillbox', the older members of the audience will have been reminded of the days where punk ruled the music world. The Chelsea Smiles are a band with plenty of potential for the future.

Talking of bands with potential, Glamour Of The Kill again excelled in front of a large crowd. Newly signed with Universal Records, Glamour are not far away from releasing their next studio album and their set was largely made up of new songs. 'All I Have To Give' and the very heavy 'World's End' were amongst the new songs played, whilst 'A Hope In Hell' and 'Rise From Your Grave' were the only older songs to be played, opening and finishing the set respectively. It was the first time I had seen Glamour play at a bigger venue like this one so I was wondering if they'd be any different, but Glamour did what they always do. They produced a tight and solid performance, delighting the Newcastle crowd.

Photo Of Wednesday 13 © Copyright Ellie PockleyHaving been warmed up beautifully by the support bands, the atmosphere was pretty close to electric in Newcastle Academy, and Wednesday 13 showed just why they are so popular around the world. It was a show to not only delight fans of Wednesday 13 but fans of Wednesday's previous bands such as Frankenstein's Drag Queens. 'Put Your Death Mask On' was the only song from most recent (and not so well received) album Skeletons as all the most popular songs came out.

'I Want You Dead' opened proceedings with 'Home Sweet Homicide' and huge fans favourite '#Bad Things' also being played. What people love about Wednesday 13 is all the hilarious witticisms in the lyrics and the on-stage props such as a plastic gun before the song 'Rambo' for example. To finish the night off, the ultimate angry people's anthem, 'I Love To Say F**k, with amusing audience participation which included the entire of Newcastle Academy rhythmically raising their middle fingers in the air. A great moment to round off a great night and a great performance.

Wenesday 13 4/5
Glamour Of The Kill 4/5
The Chelsea smiles 4/5

Review By Alan Brown

 Wednesday 13

Wednesday 13 (Guitar, Vocals)

 Glamour Of The Kill

Davey (Bass, Vocals)
Mike (Guitar, Vocals)
Chris (Guitar, Vocals)
Ben (Drums, Vocals)

 The Chelsea Smiles

Todd Youth (Vocals/Guitar)
Skye Vaughn Jayne (Vocals)
RJ Ronquillo (Guitar)
Johnny Martin (Bass)
Karl Rosqvist (Drums)

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