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And So I Watch You From Afar
Derry, Nerve Centre
26th March 2009
And So I Watch You From Afar              
Photo Of And So I Watch You From Afar © Copyright Craig YoungThe idea of the show was to give young, new bands a chance to play in front of their peers. There were about seven bands in total and they all played two original and two cover songs each. Taking into consideration their ages and the fact they were complete novices when playing in the venue and in front of a sizable crowd, they all did extremely well. There was obviously a lot of nervousness but the raw talent of a few really impressed me. Some were quite obviously there for fun but others showcased what they could do and would most definitely be the envy of older people in more established bands. They all have a long way to go but for those who wish to continue with performing, I wish them all the luck.

On to the headliners, And So I Watch You From Afar. These guys defy any sort of labelling. They don’t snugly fit into any genre or category. Their catchy, intricate guitar work hits you in waves. It lifts you to a point of heightened awareness and just as it starts to drop off, it lifts you again. It just reminded me of a ship during a big storm at sea . . . in a good way . . . musically. The energy on stage is second to none with both guitarists jumping and flinging themselves around the stage. I was waiting for them to crash into each other like a full on train wreck but it didn’t happen. Good job too, I was enjoying the music too much to have had it cut short by paramedics carrying people out with bits of guitar protruding from their bodies. The other thing plain for everyone to see was the fact that they were genuinely enjoying themselves. They simply got lost in what they were doing and had a great time with it. ASIWYFA are sitting just under the radar right now but that will all change, sooner rather than later. Oh, I forgot to mention, they don’t have a singer. It’s funny, but when you first hear about them and hear that they are an instrumental band, that is at the forefront of your mind before you even hear them. This makes you judge them already to some degree. When you see and hear them in action, you don’t totally forget there’s no vocalist but it’s a minor issue. You will just enjoy the experience for what it is . . . great music.

And So I Watch You From Afar, one to watch in 2009.


Review By Craig Young

 And I Watch You From Afar

Rory (Guitar)
Tony (Guitar)
Johnny (Bass)
Chris (Drums)

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