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Stone Gods
The Black Spiders, The Hate Gallery
Birmingham, Academy 2
24th March 2009
Stone Gods                      The Black Spiders           The Hate Gallery
Photo Of Hate Gallery © Copyright Robert LawrenceAfter a rather nerve wracking interview (My first ever interview in fact) with stone gods, i get ready to shoot.

Hate Gallery a metal band from various parts of Scandinavia,the band pretty much kick off in high gear, the set is littered with songs that are most about social commentary, one song in particular 'The Idiots' is an anti reality TV song, and it goes down quite well with the Birmingham crowd, although he mentions no names in particular, its fairly obvious hes having a pop at a certain reality TV star who recently passed away.All the songs are sung with venom and the band is very tight, leading to pretty punchy set that runs by very quickly.

The Black Spiders are a heavy metal band from up north, they have an almighty sound, and the band play the shit outta there instruments, there's no real let up from these guys, got me headbanging through most of there songs, whilst photographing Photo Of The Black Spiders © Copyright Robert Lawrencethem i might add,the set is full of heavy riffs and great band energy, this band is pretty much giving the crowd there moneys worth and the crowd is loving every heavy metal moment of it, with a performance like this, they will soon be headlining similar venues.

Stone Gods - three words can describe this set - METAL AS FUCK. Its been quite a while since a band has truly blown me away, there album does not do this band justice, a true live band, just WOW, this band turned it up to 11 and then some. The band kick off with Don't Drink the Water, which for the most part has the crowd singing the chorus,followed by You Brought a Knife to a Gunfight, a personal favorite that has got me shouting fuck you, with rest of the crowd. Next up is a few acoustic numbers Magdalene Street and Lazy Bones then out of nowhere is the first cover song of the night, Whiplash which seems slightly slower than the Metallica original, but just as heavy, this is followed by the metal bands of Birmingham tribute most notably Black Sabbath riffs, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Paranoid, this Photo Of Stone Gods © Copyright Robert Lawrencealso happens to be Richie Edwards home gig, being born just 10 miles away. This leads into there heavy riff song, Knight of the living dead that pretty much has the crowd either head banging or fists in the air, or in my case both. after a short break, the encore, kicks off with album opener Burn the witch which has the crowd well an truly pleased, then some controversy according to the band, another cover song, but this cover isn't of a metal band, its of girl group, Girls aloud song Something Kinda Ooooh, this is probably the best its ever sounded. then its finished off with Oh Whereo My Beero, great way to finish the set, leaving the crowd drunk with pleasure, you don't get many gigs like this, FANTASTIC.And I even left with the bass players set list, Result.

Hate Gallery 3/5
The Black Spiders 4/5
Stone Gods 11/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Stone Gods

Richie Edwards (lead vocals, rhythm guitar)
Dan Hawkins (lead guitar)
Toby MacFarlaine (bass)
Robin Goodridge (drums, percussion)

 The Black Spiders

Coming Soon

 Hate Gallery

Janne Jarvis (Bass, Vocals)
Petja Lepola (Guitar)
Rille Lundell (Guitar)
Freddie Kvarnebrink (Drums)

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