Gig Review
Goldie Lookin Chain
Birmingham, Academy 2
17th March 2009

Goldie Lookin Chain       Trip  
Photo Of Trip © Copyright Helen WilliamsThe first time I saw Goldie Lookin Chain was way back in 2005 at my University Summer Ball. Four years on, I wonder if the novelty of the whole ‘ironic chav’ thing will have worn off. It hasn’t.

Up first though is the wonderful Trip. This is my first taste of him, and he’s definitely worth a listen. Combining heavy guitars with hip-hop and rap, and a bit of humour for good measure, he creates an entirely unique sound (although if you really can’t imagine it, it’s something like The Streets). He has a great support band behind him, and they work well together, but the spotlight is firmly on him. Born as Alex Child, Trip has already toured the world with the likes of NERD, Justin Timberlake, Busta Rhymes, and Outkast, but is still making a name for himself in his home country. He provides a short but tight collection of songs, including his latest single ‘River Phoenix’ (a humorous tale of a man called Mike who didn’t get to kiss a girl he liked because she found out River Phoenix had died just as they were saying goodnight).

Photo Of Trip © Copyright Helen WilliamsA bit of poking around on the internet tells me that Trip is releasing an interesting take on the music video – a video for an entire album. 11 directors had 2 hours each with Trip to film all 11 songs, which were then put together to form one continuous short film. There is a clock shown through the entire film, displaying the full 24 hours in real-time it took to film. Even better, the film will be free with his upcoming debut album. I liked him so much I’m willing to give him a bit of a plug: the new single 'River Phoenix' is released on Autonomy Recordings on 6 April 2009 with the album 'ShortCuts' coming soon.

Photo Of Goldie Lookin Chain © Copyright Helen WilliamsAfter a very long wait, GLC take to the stage, launching straight into Robot. For those of you who are unfamiliar with GLC (not many, I imagine), they’re basically 8 mental Welshmen dressed as chavs, jumping and rapping around the stage. It’s unfortunate that they’ve been crammed in this tiny venue, but they make the best of it, and deliver a phenomenal set.

They’ve got some great banter (including telling, or warning, us that Maggot is looking for a ‘vessel for his seed’), and the music is spot on too. They’ve got no instruments, just backing tracks with some great bass lines. The subject of their raps is everything from sex and drugs to the less controversial cassette tapes. My favourite has got to be ‘No Win No Fee’, which they introduce as a ‘song about smashing your legs up for money’.

Photo Of Trip © Copyright Helen WilliamsThey work the crowd into a frenzy easily, and pretty soon it’s so hot and sweaty in here that the tracksuits are coming off. Adam reveals a new digital camera his ‘missus’ bought him and starts taking photos of the excitable crowd. Check out their tour blog to see all the photos he’s taken on it – it makes interesting viewing!

The highlight of the night for me was the rendition of their latest track, ‘New Day’. It’s a surprisingly heartfelt song and an interesting diversion from their usual style. They finish the evening in style with ‘Guns Don’t Kill People…’ and ‘Your Mom’s Got A Penis’. I’ve had a smile plastered on my face all night, and I don’t want the set to finish. In the word’s of GLC themselves: ‘N*SYNC? We shit on ‘em.’

Trip – 5/5
Goldie Lookin Chain – 5/5

Review By Helen Williams
 Goldie Lookin Chain

Alex Copeland (Vocals)
Damon Robins (Lead Guitar)
Chris Murphy (Bass Guitar)
Jeremy King (Drums)


Trip(Vocals, Synths)

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