Gig Review
36 Crazyfists
Poison The Well, Gwen Stacy
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
9th March 2009

36 Crazyfists             Poison The Well       Gwen Stacy
Photo Of Gwen Stacy © Copyright Robert LawrenceJust Made it in by the skin of my teeth, just as i was getting my camera out, Gwen Stacy were about to make some noise, A christian Metal core band from Indianapolis,USA. The set has alot of bass all the way thru, to some complaints of the crowd(well from the girls toilets so i hear), the set is filled with energy but sadly its pretty much by the numbers metalcore, ten a penny if you will, a catchy chorus every now an then but disapointingly for this bunch of nice lads this doesnt carry them past the first two rows of the crowd, there pretty raw and show some promise, maybe abit more time on the road will carry them to the back of the room.

Photo Of Poison The Well © Copyright Robert LawrenceNext up is Lable mates to gwen stacy are Poision the well another metalcore band from the US, more of the same really, altho the crowd seemed more respondant to PTW, some soild drumming and tight guitar work and more audible vocals, quiteing down when they need too, the band seem to have a solid core of fans here tonite, that has a circle pit of two nearer the end of the set, its a great set full of energy and the band feeds off it and leave the crowd in somewhat of a frenzy, more fans collected at this gig then.

Photo Of 36 Crazyfists © Copyright Robert LawrenceBEWARE OF FLYING STICKS! is what is taped to the kick drum, what it should of said was BEWARE OF FLYING VOCALISTS, near the end of I'll Go Until My Heart Stops, brock lindow decided now was a good time to test the theory of human flight, he made it to the 3rd row, right over my head infront of the stage. This is a fantastic set from a band who have been going for 15 or so years and from the way they bounced, head banged, ran around the stage they show no sign of letting up, Crowd Participation seems to be the aim of the game tonite as the crowd regualry fills in on the vocals and for one lucky fan whos name i cant remember, got to sing Destroy the map on stage with the band, once in life time for that guy.many of the songs has the crowd jumping fists in the air and theres even a wall of death(thought those were outlawed), the crowd is buzzing by the end of the set as they finish off with slit wrists as the encore, the crowd is spending its last bit of energy singing along, a good gig from a experienced band and from which the support acts can learn from. great night!

Gwen Stacy 2/5
Poison The well 4/5
36 Crazyfists 5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence
 36 Crazyfists

Brock Lindow (vocals)
Steve Holt (guitar)
Thomas Noonan (drums)
Mick Whitney (bass)

 Poison The Well

Jeffrey Moreira (Vocals)
Chris Hornbrook (Drums)
Ryan Primack (Guitar)
Brad Clifford (Guitar)
Bradley Grace (Bass)

 Gwen Stacy

Brent Schindler (Bass)
Geoff Jenkins (vocals)
Patrick Meadows (Guitar)
T.J. Sego (drums)

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