Gig Review
Escape The Fate
Glamour Of The Kill, All Forgotten
Leeds, Cockpit
20th January 2009

Escape The Fate        Glamour Of The Kill     All Forgotten
Escape The Fate made their first tour to the UK in January having built up their reputation in the US and they can’t have played to many more riotous crowds than the one at Leeds Cockpit.

The Las Vegas four piece have cancelled three planned UK tours and it seems despite them never playing over here that their reputation has preceded them. They received a massive reception in Leeds from a crowd who knew every word and revelled in Craig Mabbit’s vocal performance.

The two support bands, Glamour Of The Kill and All Forgotten both did their jobs in terms of warming the crowd up as there was a real atmosphere all the way through. All Forgotten gave solid performance as the first band on, getting the crowd involved and even starting a circle pit and overall played a lot better than they did at Manchester a couple of days previously.

Glamour Of The Kill showed their continued promise as a band with another impressive performance. Hailing from York just down the road, a lot of the crowd had heard and seen Glamour before giving them an advantage that most support bands don’t get. They’re a confident group anyway which is clear from the way they play and sound and the warmth of their huge reception will have done no harm to that confidence whatsoever. Craig Mabbit even came on at the end of their set to sing on Rise From Your Grave which was a nice touch.

The euphoria in the build up to Escape The Fate’s appearance was almost scary. The Cockpit was literally heaving with the audience squashed sideways like tinned sardines. They opened with Flood, the first released track off their new album and went onto play other songs both old and new including Reverse This Curse, The Apocalypse and This War Is Ours.

Without really being my style of music, Mabbit does have an incredible vocal range. He has the ability to scream full blooded in one line and be singing in the next. He covers most of the different styles of vocals in the band which is a rarity. He was showered in kisses from adoring fans spilling onto the stage and I thought he had hurt himself when he climbed on a lighting pole and dropped off but he was soon back on the stage singing his heart out.

Already popular in their home country, I don’t think it will be long before they are world renowned as one of the leading bands in their genre.

Escape The Fate 4/5
Glamour Of The Kill 4/5
A ll Forgotten 2/5

Review By Alan Brown
 Escape The Fate

Craig Mabbitt (Vocals)
Bryan Money (Guitar, Vocals)
Max Green (Bass)
Robert Ortiz (Drums)

 Glamour Of The Kill

Davey (Vocals, Bass)
Mike (Guitar, Vocals)
Chris (Guitar, Vocals)
Ben (Drums, Vocals)

 All Forgotten

Jonathon Thorne (Vocals)
Steven Foy (Guitar)
Daniel Wheeler (Guitar)
Thomas Peacock (Bass)
Chris Velissarides (Drums)

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