Gig Review
Alkaline Trio
The Audition
Birmingham, Academy
7th february 2009

Alkaline Trio          The Audition   
Photo Of The Audition © Copyright Trigger Today we battled through all the snow and bad weather that was standing in our way from getting to the Alkaline Trio show and we proved to be successful by getting doing that 2 hour drive with no problems and getting to the Academy to see Alkaline Trio.

By the time we got into the Academy the first band Broadway Calls had already been on and it was about 15minutes until The Audition were due to take to the stage, the first thing I noticed when I got in the venue was how empty it was the upstairs of the venue wasn’t open due to not enough tickets being sold, and the downstairs looked very bare in comparison to over shows I have been to at the venue, in fact when I came and saw Alkaline Trio in the same venue back in October 2005 both the downstairs and upstairs was open that day and the venue was pretty rammed, so what has happened in those 3 and a half years to make the Birmingham Alkaline Trio show this empty, my guess is that due to the credit crunch people can’t afford to do to as many gigs and carefully pick what bands they go and see, also I am sure the bad weather was also a big factor for people not being able to get to the show and lastly could punk be dead?

Photo Of The Audition © Copyright TriggerThe Audition took to the stage about 5minutes early, and they seem to be loving being the main support band for Alkaline Trio as front man Danny Stevens bounces all over the stage whilst firing off with his melodic vocal assault as the rest of the band jam away in such a powerful way. A good 40 minute set was played by The Audition, the crowd wasn’t moving that much for them but that didn’t stop the band from putting on an energetic show.
When the Audition finished it was a good 40minute wait until Alkaline Trio were due to take to the stage so it was time to check out the merchandise and have a couple of drinks whilst waiting patiently for headliners to start.

The long break was finally over the lights went down and Alkaline Trio took to the stage with the odd blue light flickering on the band as they made their way onto the stage, Matt was situated to the far left of the stage, Derek was directly in the middle with his drum kit situated right at the back of the stage and Dan was to the far right and there was no back drop or special effects in sight which meant it was a straight forward punk rock show tonight.

Photo Of Alkaline Trio © Copyright TriggerAlkaline Trio started off with ‘Calling All Skeletons’ which happens to be the opening track from their current album ‘Agony And Irony’, the start of the song was met with screams from the fans and the more the song went on the more people started singing along with the band. The next song was ‘Private Eye’ this song went down a treat as the majority of the half filled Academy started singing along. The next song was time for Dan Andriano to take lead vocals and this was for one of my favourite songs ‘I Lied My Face Off’ and it seems like the song is a favourite with most Alkaline Trio fans judging from the response it got.

Photo Of Alkaline Trio © Copyright TriggerMost of the classic Alkaline Trio songs were played tonight such as ‘the new single I Found Away’, the ska-tastic Dan Andriano sing-along ‘In Vein’, the ever so poppy ‘Stupid Kid’, ‘Help Me’ which happens to be the first single from the current album and my favourite songs from ‘Good Mourning’ which happen to be ‘We’ve Had Enough’, ‘All On Black’ and ‘This Could Be Love’.

‘This Could Be love’ was the last track of the night, it went down well but from where I was standing the sound for the song wasn’t the best, and I am sure that it’s down to the overall sound that’s going around the half filled Academy tonight, Alkaline Trio left the stage whilst the fans chanted them back to play their encore which was meant to be the anti bush song ‘Warbrain’ and the big sing-along classic that is ‘Radio’

But due to bassist Dan Andriano feeling ill, Matt Skiba came back on stage and knocked out a couple of acoustic tracks which were ‘ Sorry About That’ and ‘Blue In The Face’ which went down really well with the hardcore fans as it was something they weren’t expected but I am also quite sure many people walked away a bit disappointed.

I have to admit this wasn’t the best alkaline Trio show I have been to, the venue was too big and to empty for tonight’s show, the crowd really weren’t getting into it apart from a select few people towards the front in the middle and overall I feel slightly disappointed about a show I had been looking forward to for a long time. Hopefully the London show will be better and make up for it.

The Audition 3/5
Alkaline Trio 3.5/5

Review By Trigger
 Alkaline Trio

Dan Andriano (Bass, Vocals)
Derek Grant (Drums)
Matt Skiba (Guitar, Vocals)

 The Audition

Danny Stevens (Lead Vocals, Guitar)
Seth Johnson (Lead Guitar)
Timmy Klepek (Rhythm Guitar)
Joe Lussa (Bass)
Ryan O'Connor (Drums, Percussion)

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