Gig Review
We Are The Ocean
Young Guns, My Emergency
Birmingham, Academy 2
16th January 2009

We Are The Ocean        Young guns         My Emergency
Tonight at the academy a group of teenagers with enough angst to make any parents say the sentence “clean your room please?” in apprehension has amassed. First up on tonight’s bill we have My Emergency.

My Emergency hail from the great northern city of Liverpool, the band that take stage barely look like they have left school, let alone started to shave, the singer of the band mutters something inaudible and then the dance begins.

The music belts straight out into pop punk anthems, even further supplemented by the vocals from the guitarist, the classic duel vocals formula. The crowd respond well to the music that is unveiled, the singer responds quickly to his new appeal by gathering the crowd to clap along in synchronous. I find my self oddly enjoying my self, half way through the singer decided to introduce the band as my emergency, the dissimilarity in the American singing accent to his broad speaking voice is humorous. This pretence of short sweet American pop continues and I find my self finding it hard to discriminate between the songs. After a set of 6 songs the band finishes.

This is a young band that are, clearly tight live musicians and have an ability to dazzle the crowd. I recommend them for any one of likes music is the vain of kids In glass houses or any American pop punk band such as amber pacific or Halifax

The second act of the night were Young Guns, who come from High Wycombe. The band that adorn the stage, look like a concoction of various musical genres. The singer would look well placed in a trendy high street indie band, while the guitarist looks like the remnants of an 80s metal band, and other members from an alternative band, this already has the ingredients of something exciting.

The band discharge into some heavy riffs, from the start and the crowd goes wild, allot of action is seen on stage as the singer jumps about, like he is on an invisible pogo stick, oblivious to the fact that his stylish hair cut is now all over the place. As the song progresses the moshing gains momentum, till a few brave souls decide to start a circle pit to music of unknown territories. This only fuels the singers hunger for the stage where he interacts with the crowd, imploring them to give more.

The night continues in the same vain, as the band win more of the crowd over, even till the point where the signer dedicates a song to the dancing fan on the table at the back of the venue. At this juncture of the evening, the band decide to break the pace up by playing a track of there yet unreleased EP called weight of the worlds, the songs tempo and pace are much slower than the previous numbers than have been showcased tonight. This is a clear stand out track, with glistening guitar melodies to back the vocals styling that are very reminiscent of lostprophet. The chorus is infectious a song im sure that will become a classic in the bands catalogue.

The band finish’s off with there latest single into the night, which gains a warm reception with the audience, and leaves the depiction of greater things to come. The band display enormous passion for playing live and give the impression that the venue and the time allocation was inadequate. A definite must for individuals looking for a heavier lostprophet and a more melodic eighteen visions. One only feels maybe the time for such music has come and past, but only time will tell.

The final act are we are the ocean, the band the hoards of people came to see tonight. The music stops and the lights go down, silence fills the room. Then suddenly a recording is heard. It is an extract from the movie home alone, specifically the scene with the gangster movie. without warning a voice scream “get the fuck…..” and the music begins.

Growly vocals begins, with palm muted guitar rhythms, the music shifts suddenly during the chorus and now melodic vocals can be heard jointly backed with screaming repetitions. The bands continue with there trade mark sound which is oddly familiar, very Alexisonfire. Nevertheless the crowd are entranced by the music, the support is over whelming for a band who have yet to release there debut album. The guitarists head bang and dance with there instruments in synchronous to the beat of the music.

Half way though the set a slow song is heard that is performed solo by the guitarist until the end where the whole band join in. this adds a refreshing change from the continuous barrage of heavy guitars. The singer then takes a brieft moment to welcome the crowd, and to state “this is our 7th show in Birmingham this year and here is a new song for you guys”. The new song is more of a slow effort from the band, the crowd react with enthusiasm to it.

The band finish with the song save me which to me is one of the highlights of the evening, along with ready for the fall and nothing good has happened yet. This is definitely a band to watch out for 2009. they seem to be gaining momentum, and if the crowd at he academy is anything to go by, we can expect allot more from them.

My Emergency - 3/5
Young Guns - 3.5/5
We Are The Ocean - 4/5

Review By Ashik
 We Are The Ocean


 Young Guns

Gustav (Vocals)
John (Guitar)
Fraser (Bass)
Ben (Drums)

 My Emergency

Karl (Vocals)
Sean (Guitar)
Adam (Guitar)
Ben (Bass)
Ste (Drums)

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