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Westonbirt, Arboretum
12th July 2015


Photo Of McBusted © Copyright TriggerWhen it comes to booking shows the Forestry Commission really know how to please everyone as last night Westonbirt Arboretum hosted the legendary new romantic rockers Spandau Ballet and tonight they had super boy band McBusted rocking out to thousands of fans and for many of the fans in attendance tonight it was like a dream come true coming out to see one of their favourite bands and only having to travel a couple of miles down the road from the various villages they come from to see Photo Of McBusted © Copyright TriggerMcBusted perform live in a beautiful forest setting, however it was clear to see that there was only one thing on the fans minds tonight and it was nothing to do with the beautiful forest surroundings but instead the fact that they were so close to their heroes in McBusted.

Since the formation of Mcbusted in 2013 the band have had a really impressive journey within the music scene where their original 11 date tour sold out within seconds and then got extended to 36 shows which also all went and sold out really quickly and included a show at British Summer Time in Hyde Park and since then the band have completed Photo Of McBusted © Copyright Triggeranother headline sold out UK arena tour and also travelled to mainland Europe and Australia with One Direction as main supports for their stadium tour which finished off with shows at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and Wembley Stadium in London.

McBusted took to the stage at 8.40pm which featured them band members running on one at a time and frog jumping over each other and striking various different poses and within seconds they got straight down to business as they smashed straight into their debut single ‘Air Guitar’ which was met by loud screams and sings from the eager fans in attendance and from this Photo Of McBusted © Copyright Triggermoment right up until the final seconds of the show the energy on stage was immense as each and every member gave it their all even Tom Fletcher who had been suffering from a sore throat and took more of a back seat vocally allowing his fellow band members more vocals yet he totally made up for it in energy as he spent the majority of the set jumping and bouncing across the stage with his guitar.

The set that McBusted played was a perfect set for any teeny bopper as they played various songs from the Mcfly and Busted back catalogue aswell as songs from the debut McBusted album and it was the likes of Photo Of McBusted © Copyright Trigger‘Thunderbirds Are Go’, ‘Get Over it’, ‘You Said No’, ‘3AM’, ‘Air Hostess’, ‘What I Go To School For’, ‘Crashed The Wedding’, ‘5 Colours In Her Hair’ which went down amazingly well tonight and also proves that no matter what you think of these boy bands who try and be a bit pop-punk that they are actually good at what they do can pen a catchy song and also know how to entertain a crowd of thousands of people.

Through the set there was a lot of banter within the band with the band members laughing at Dougie for his hair cut and skin tight white jeans, they also caught an badly timed female Photo Of McBusted © Copyright Triggerfan walking into the portaloo at the side of the field and continued to make jokes about her having a poo and then got the whole crowd to cheer when she finally re-emerged from the toilet 5 minutes later.

It wasn’t just the fans and the band who were having fun tonight as even the police officers patrolling the grounds took their serious hats off for the night and joined in the fun by photo bombing many members of the audiences selfies and also dancing like idiots at any given opportunity.

Photo Of McBusted © Copyright TriggerThe show came to an end with the song that everyone had been waiting for ‘Year 3000’ which happens to be one of the catchiest Busted songs ever written with the most silliest lyrics ever written and the fans loved it as they sung along word for word with many fans leaving and rushing back to their cars singing whilst eager to beat the well known Westonbirt concert queues.

Overall tonight was a fun night for all in attendance even the parents who were forced along by their kids, they may have looked bored out of their head for the majority of the evening and night but by the time McBusted were in full flow you could see cheeky little smiles creeping through, once again The Forestry Commission completed another solid year of beautiful forest setting concerts and I am sure tonight was one that the kids will be talking about in school way into next term.

McBusted 5/5

Review By Trigger


Danny Jones
Dougie Poynter
Harry Judd
James Bourne
Matt Willis
Tom Fletcher

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