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Alkaline Trio, Lagwagon
Brixton, Academy
4th July 2015

                              Alkaline Trio                  Lagwagon

Photo Of Alkaline Trio © Copyright TriggerIt was one of the hottest days of the year so far and NOFX, Alkaline Trio and Lagwagon all rolled up in London for the first of a double whammy of shows across the weekend in Brixton Academy and before even entering the venue I knew that a hot and sweaty night was ahead of me due to the temperature outside and knowing that the show sold out months in advanced but I wasn’t quite prepared for how hot and hectic it actually was.

Photo Of Alkaline Trio © Copyright TriggerWhen I got in the Academy the venue was packed to the rafters to the point where it felt that the show had been oversold and being in the main room felt like being in Piccadilly Circus with so many people charging in different directions to get to the bar, smoking area, toilet, the pit and even trying to find a steady standing place to watch the show ahead of them but luckily the busyness did not stop people from having fun and added to the atmosphere.

Photo Of Alkaline Trio © Copyright TriggerI arrived at the Academy halfway through Lagwagon’s set but luckily managed to catch them play the likes of ‘Western Settlements’, ‘Alien 8’, ‘Making Friends’, ‘May 16’ and ‘Razor Burn’ and in that short amount of time the band also managed to interact with the crowd a lot and proceeded to warm the crowd up nicely with the pit steaming with Mohawks bouncing all over the place and the majority of the crowd bouncing up and down like they were on pogo sticks.

Photo Of Alkaline Trio © Copyright TriggerAfter a short 15minute change over Alkaline Trio took to the stage and with the massive reception that the band got as soon as they took to the stage you could tell that tonight was going to be a show that both the band and their fans would remember for a long time. For the first few songs things didn’t sound right with the sound levels all over the place but then that’s to be expected when the crew only had 15 minutes to change the stage around and prepare everything and luckily this was quickly sorted and Alkaline Trio went on to play a storming 17 song greatest hits set which spanned right through their back catalogue.

Photo Of NOFX © Copyright TriggerMatt Skiba, Dan Andriano and Derek Grant looked so comfortable on stage that there was hardly any interaction between the band and the crowd and there was hardly any movement on stage with the band members sticking to their respective spots on stage and normally this would be met with a lot of criticism but Alkaline Trio nailed it tonight they came across as a band who were there to let their music do the talking and that is exactly what happened as they had hundreds of fans singing along word for word in excitement through their whole set and it was truly epic to experience and be a part of.

Photo Of NOFX © Copyright TriggerTheir set featured the likes of ‘Private Eye’, ‘Im Only Here To Disappoint’, ‘My Friend Peter’, ‘In Vein’, ‘This Addiction’, ‘She Took Him To The Lake’, ‘All On Black’, ‘Blue Carolina’, ‘Young Lovers’ but it was the likes of ‘This Could Be Love’, ‘Warbrain’ and ‘Radio’ which got the biggest reactions from the crowd especially ‘Radio’ with hundreds of fans singing loud “Shaking like a dog shitting razor blades”, as Alkaline Trio left the stage you could see the gleaming smile of so many fans who were truly entertained.

Photo Of NOFX © Copyright TriggerUp next were the main headliners NOFX and they took a casual approach to taking to the stage by taking to the stage one by one whilst the venues house lights were still on and straight away all eyes were on Fat Mike who took to the stage in a figure hugging pink dress and preceded to spend the next 5minutes having banter with the crowd and talking about anything and everything that came into his head and then suddenly the house lights dimmed as NOFX started off with the perfect opening song ‘60%’ which starts off slow paced and then midway becomes fast paced which lead to Photo Of NOFX © Copyright Triggerguitarist Eric Melvin jumping highly all over the stage and from this moment the rest of the night was an high energy experience with plenty of hilarious banter thrown in for good measures.

Through their set NOFX managed to play a mammoth 27 songs which is not surprising considering that they are the kings of fast paced punk rock music and it was like a massive greatest hits set with the likes of ‘Dinosaurs will Die’, ‘Louise’, ‘Dig’, ‘Eat The Meek’, ‘Stickin’ In My Eye’, ‘Bob’, ’72 Hookers’, ‘Fuck The Kids’, ‘Linoleum’ all being played alongside various cover songs of classic Rancid and Photo Of NOFX © Copyright TriggerTony Sly songs which were obviously dedicated to one of Fat Mikes best friends the late Tony Sly.

NOFX easily proved that they were worthy headliners tonight but then who is going to disagree when the band have been brightening up people’s lives for well over 30 years now and their front man Fat Mike is pretty much the king of punk rock with his record label Fat Wreck Chords which has seen some amazing bands and album releases over the years.

Overall tonight was a perfect night for any punk rock fan as they had the experience of seeing Lagwagon perform songs from their first album in over ten years, they had the dark and seriousness of Alkaline Trio and then the comedy value and spot on punk rock songs from NOFX.

Lagwagon – 4/5
Alkaline Trio 4/5
NOFX – 4/5

Review By Trigger


Fat Mike
El Hefe
Eric Melvin
Erik Sandin

 Alkaline Trio

Matt Skiba
Dan Andriano
Derek Grant


Joey Cape
Chris Flippin
Joe Raposo
Chris Rest
Dave Raun

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