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Dead Kennedys
Bristol, Academy
22nd June 2015

Dead Kennedys

Photo Of Slagerij © Copyright TriggerI headed down to the Academy in Bristol tonight to catch American punk rock legends the Dead Kennedys take the venue by storm and they brought local punk rock three piece Slagerij who hail from Swindon to warm the crowd up for them.

Slagerij are an underground punk band who have been going for a fair few years now and I have been lucky enough to see them a couple of times of the live circuit over the past couple of years but tonight was more of a special show for Photo Of Slagerij © Copyright TriggerSlagerij as they are more used to playing the toilet sized venues across the country and tonight they were opening up for the mighty Dead Kennedys.

When Slagerij took to the stage it looked like they had a lot of hard work on their hands as the venue was pretty empty as the majority of Dead Kennedy fans were taking over various watering holes across the city having affordable pre drinks before heading in to buy over priced watered down beer from the Academy but this did not stop Photo Of Slagerij © Copyright TriggerSlagerij from doing what they do best as from the moment the three piece took to the stage to the moment they left they gave it their all putting so much passion and energy in and by the end of their set the venue was pretty damn busy with many people showing their appreciation for Slagerij.

The highlights of their set was when they did an fantastic cover of the classic Beastie Boys track ‘(You gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)’ and also the drinking anthem ‘Let’s Get Pissed’ but let’s face it the crowd tonight Photo Of Dead Kennedys © Copyright Triggerdidn’t need any encouragement to get drunk as the majority of the crowd were middle aged men who have years of drinking under their belts.

After a 30 minute wait the Dead Kennedys took to the stage with the bands current line up made up of founding members Klaus Flouride (bass) and East Bay Ray (guitar) who were joined by long term drummer D.H Peligro (Drums) and latest vocalist ‘Ron ‘Skip’ Greer’ who has been with the band since 2008 and has clearly made his mark as he had the charisma, attitude and pure energy of a punk rock front man.

Photo Of Dead Kennedys © Copyright TriggerThe Dead Kennedys played an hour set and in that time they managed to fit in 16 punk rock anthems, two encores and a lot of banter between Ron Greer and the crowd with him ranting about how American football is so much better than English football plus getting the crowd to chant “Fuck off” repeatedly as the band set themselves up for the epic ‘Nazi Punks Fuck Off’.

Through the set all the classics and fan favourites were played such as ‘Forward To Death’, ‘Police Truck’, ‘Buzzbomb’, ‘Jock-O-Rama’, ‘Kill The Poor’, ‘MTV Get Off Photo Of Dead Kennedys © Copyright TriggerThe Air’, ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’, ‘California Uber Alias’, the band also managed to through in a cover of the classic Elvis song ‘Viva Las Vegas’ during the first encore before going on to finish the set with ‘Holiday In Cambodia’ which got the pit going crazy with arms and elbows flying everywhere before the band left the stage and came back on for the show closer ‘Chemical Warfare’.

Overall tonight was a top night of punk rock with Slagerij warming the crowd up nicely and the Dead Kennedys playing all the songs people came out for, the only downside was that for a headliner the Dead Kennedys only played for an hour but considering the fact that they only have four studio albums under their belt and they churn out short fast paced punk rock it was to be expected.

Slagerij 4/5
Dead Kennedys 4/5

Review By Trigger

 Dead Kennedys

East Bay Ray
Klaus Flouride
D. H. Peligro
Ron "Skip" Greer


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