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The Used
Landscapes, Decade
Bristol, Academy
20th February 2014

The Used
                        Landscapes        Decade

Photo Of Decade © Copyright TriggerThe Used brought their massive 11 date UK tour to a close tonight at the Academy in Bristol and after many years of trying but failing to see The Used live due to them pulling out of festivals or myself double booking when they have toured in the past I finally managed to see them tonight and what an experience it was even if the venue was only at half capacity.

First band up tonight were local rockers Decade who hail from nearby Bath but sadly for Decade their local following did not follow them to the gig as they played to a couple of hundred people and the crowd Photo Of Decade © Copyright Triggerwere extremely stale with their arms folded struggling to take in the music that was being played in front of them, however that did not stop Alex Sears, Connor Fathers, Dan Clarke, Harry Norton and Joe Marriner putting everything into their 30 minute set.

Decade kicked off with the ever so riff-tastic ‘Brainfreeze’ and then went on to play a number of songs from their ep’s and their Spinefarm records debut album ‘Good Luck’ which consisted of ‘I Don’t Car’, ‘Callous’, ‘Woke’, ‘Coffin’, ‘Fake Teeth’, ‘Fool’s Gold’ and the ever so appropriate ‘British Weather’ considering that it was lashing down with rain outside.

Photo Of Decade © Copyright TriggerThrough the set Alex Sears made a lot of effort interacting with the crowd telling them that this is the first time they have ever played the Academy 1 and it is a privilege to be playing it supporting The Used, he also asked the crowd if anyone has seen them before or bought their album which saw only a handful of hands raised but it is safe to say that after the explosive energy and general passion they put into their set that a fair few people walked away as newly converted Decade fans.

Photo Of Landscapes © Copyright TriggerNext up were the main support band Landscapes a fivepiece who hail from Somerset, and I personally had no idea what to expect but within minutes I was loving what Landscapes had to offer as they unleashed their hardcore sound, with the whole band unleashing energy throughout the whole set however it was frontman Shaun Milton who had the majority of the crowd’s attention as he played a lot of the set running down the middle between the crowd and the stage whilst dodging the numerous security staff and photographers, and when he was on stage he was launching himself in the air at pretty much any given opportunity.

Photo Of Landscapes © Copyright TriggerThrough their 30 minute set Landscapes managed to squeeze in 9 songs which featured the outstanding yet long running ‘Cemetery’ which was them followed up by ‘D.R.E.A.M’, ‘No Love’, ‘Embrace’, ‘Providence’, ‘The Coming Of Age’, ‘Reminiscence’, ‘Epilogy’ and the aggressive set closer ‘Paradox’.

The crowd fell in love instantly with Landscapes tonight and it was easy to see why moments after they took to the stage due to their energetic performance and high quality riffage, the band signed to Pure Noise Records back in Photo Of The Used © Copyright Trigger2013 where they re-released their debut album ‘Life Gone Wrong’ so album number two must be closely around the corner.

Next up were The Used the band that everyone had been eagerly waiting for and they did not disappoint as the band stormed the stage to a mad flurry of strobe lights as they kicked the show off with ‘Maybe Memories’ which went down an absolute storm and before the song was over Bert McCracken had already worked up a sweat and quickly ripped his hoody off to give himself a bit of freedom.

Photo Of The Used © Copyright TriggerThe energy levels throughout the whole gig were fantastic as Quinn Allman and Jeph Howard were storming back and forth across the stage playing their guitar and bass whilst drummer Branden Steineckert was beating the hell out of his kit whilst throwing drum sticks into the crowd at nearly every opportunity and as for Bert McCracken well he just came across like a man possessed, jumping and charging all over the stage whilst also doing his trademark singing move where he sings whilst facing the side of the stage rather than the fans in front of him.

Photo Of The Used © Copyright TriggerQuite early on in the set the show had to be stopped for a couple of minutes due to a girl in the crowd punching someone else in the face so they security had to intervene and eject her from the show, however Bert McCracken noticed what was going on and demanded that the security put the girl on stage and they followed his orders, at this point the girl was crying her eyes out and various body parts were spilling out of her overly baggy top and then for the next minute Bert McCracken ripped into her calling her a bully and telling her that she has to spend the rest of the show on stage so everyone can see what a bully Photo Of The Used © Copyright Triggershe is, luckily for the girl this humiliations lasted for only a couple of minutes yet must of felt like a life time for her because as soon as The Used cracked on with the next song she stormed off stage and left the venue much to Bert’s annoyance.

Considering The Used have been together for a good 15 years and have 6 albums under their belts I felt their set tonight was pretty short and considering their latest album ‘Imaginary Enemy’ was released less than a year ago they only managed to play one song from that album which was ‘Revolution’ with the rest of the set being made up of older Photo Of The Used © Copyright Triggersongs but luckily they were all big fan favourites which made pretty much the whole show a massive sing-a-long for the 800 fans in attendance.

The likes of ‘Take It Away’, ‘The Bird And The Worm’, ‘I Caught A Fire’, ‘All That I’ve Got’, ‘The Best Of Me’ went down a storm but it was ‘The Taste Of Ink’ which was played half way through the set which gained the biggest reaction due to the fact that the song is a massive sing-a-long number and is also the song which gained the band the most commercial success.

Photo Of The Used © Copyright TriggerBert McCracken was on top form tonight and was forever cracking jokes and having banter with the crowd between songs, even telling them to shove their phones and cameras up their ass at one point after getting fed up of seeing to many electronic gadgets up in the air, he also took some time to pay respect to guitarist Quinn Allman who is currently on hiatus from the band.

The show came to an end with ‘A Box Full Of Sharp Objects’ which featured snippets of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and was topped off with Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name’ which featured Photo Of The Used © Copyright Triggeran explosive set of guest vocals from Landscapes Shaun Milton who did his best to outdo Bert McCraken by once again spending his time in the crowd laying down his heavy vocals.

Overall tonight was a good night as Decade did a job of warming the crowd up whilst Landscapes got the crowd in the mood for a bit of moshing and The used came and conquered as they had the crowd in the palm of their hands from start to finish even having full control of the mosh pit getting circle pits and wall of deaths kicking off.

Decade 3/5
Landscapes 4/5
The Used 5/5

Review By Trigger

 The Used

Bert McCracken
Justin Shekoski
Jeph Howard
Dan Whitesides


Shaun Milton
Kai Sheldon
Martin Hutton
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Alex Sears
Connor Fathers
Dan Clarke
Harry Norton
Joe Marriner

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