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Black Veil Brides
Exeter, The Great Hall
11th October 2014

The Black Veil Brides                         

Photo Of The Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerThe Black Veil Brides first made their way over to the UK in 2011 when they supported The Murderdolls on what happened to be the last ever Murderdolls tour and since then the Black Veil Brides haven’t been able to keep away from the UK, visiting these shores at least a couple of times a year for massive headline tours and here at Alternative Vision we have supported the band from the start and are proud to have covered each and every one of their UK tours so far.

Photo Of The Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerBack in June The Black Veil Brides announced that they were heading back to the UK as part of their Blackmass 2014 tour and they announced that they would be bringing Attila, The Fearless Vampire Killers and Drama Club with them on their 12 date UK tour but more importantly the tour coincides with their forthcoming fourth studio album ‘Black Veil Brides IV’ which is due for release on the 27th October which happens to be ten days after the tour comes to an end.

Photo Of The Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerWe headed down to the Great Hall in Exeter tonight to catch the Black Veil Brides and I have to say after never being to Exeter before the venue was a mission to find and we found ourselves walking through various different university buildings whilst asking anyone we bumped into on the way where the venue was which luckily paid off eventually and we ended up in the venue shortly before the Black Veil Brides were due to take to the stage.

Photo Of The Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerThe Black Veil Brides took to the stage dead on 9pm and they opened up in such a solid way playing their forthcoming single ‘Heart Of Fire’ a song which has the potential to help put the Black Veil Brides in the same league as some of their idols like Avenged Sevenfold as the instrumental work throughout the song is fantastic and it just showcases how far the band have come since their debut album.

Photo Of The Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerAs the set progressed the Black Veil Brides played the likes of ‘I Am Bulletproof’, ‘Coffin’, ‘Wretched And Divine’, ‘Knives And Pens’, ‘Shadows Die’, ‘Rebel Love Song’, ‘The Legacy’, ‘Sweet Blasphemy’ and so many other fan favourites and what made everything feel so special was the fact that the fans knew every word for pretty much every song that was played tonight and at some point Andy Biersack even took a backseat from laying down his vocals to let the hundreds of dedicated screaming fans in front of him take control.

Photo Of The Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerThere were 3 songs played tonight taken from their forthcoming album and that was the set opener ‘Heart Of Fire’ which opened things perfectly, ‘Faithless’ which happened to be the first song they ever premiered from the forthcoming album and that went down well with the fans and also ‘Last Rites’ which has never been heard before apart from on this tour and some fans already knew the words and were getting involved which shows to me how hardcore the Black veil Brides fan base are as it would be safe to say that tonight’s show was the not the first Black veil Brides show on the tour for many of the crowd tonight and I am sure it was not the last either.

Photo Of The Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerThrough the set there were many pleasant surprises such as Christian Coma’s amazing drum solo and Jinxx’s violin solo which was truly beautiful sounding, and throughout the whole set the whole band marched across the stage putting on such an amazing show and things came to an end with a double whammy of big songs which featured ‘Perfect Weapon’ and ‘Fallen Angels’ and as soon as the Black Veil Brides left the stage the venue erupted into screams of “BVB” and “We want Photo Of The Black Veil Brides © Copyright Triggermore” and in no time at all the Black Veil Brides returned to the stage for an epic performance of their usual show finisher ‘In The End’ where Andy got the whole crowd involved.

Overall tonight was another solid Black Veil Brides gig and with the release of ‘Black Veil Brides IV’ only days away now and a massive American tour on the horizon I feel that 2015 is going to be a very special year for the Black Veil Brides and if the three songs premiered tonight from their new album is anything to go by then their music as well as their energetic live performances is going to help push them up to playing the arenas they have been reaching out for some time now.

Black Veil Brides 5/5

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 The Black Veil Brides

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