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Reel Big Fish
Magnus Puto, The Jelly Cats
Gloucester, Guildhall
10th July 2014

Reel Big Fish                 The Magnus Puto       The Jelly Cats

Photo Of The Jelly Cats © Copyright TriggerFor at least the past 6 years Reel Big Fish have headed over to the UK in February for a lengthy tour across the UK however this year the tour was slightly more special than normal as the band came over with Less Than Jake on a co-headline tour with Zebrahead in support and as soon as that tour came to an end Reel Big Fish got announced for loads of festivals across the UK and to coincide with the festivals they announced the ‘don’t stop skankin’ tour which see’s them play various towns, cities and venues across the UK that they haven’t played in years throughout July and August, and Photo Of The Jelly Cats © Copyright Triggertonight I headed down to the Guildhall in Gloucester to see Reel Big Fish play to a sold out crowd.

Tonight Reel Big Fish had Essex ska-punks The Jelly Cats and Bristol’s electronic ska rockers Magnus Puto supporting them and I headed into an extremely empty venue just in time to see The Jelly Cats take to the stage who are made up of Emma May (vocals), Rob Allen (drums), Ollie Cooper (bass) and Alex Polak (trumpet) and within seconds they had the small gathering of people in the palm of their hands with their infectious songs and energetic stage presence.

Photo Of The Jelly Cats © Copyright TriggerThe Jelly Cats had a 30 minute stage time and they made the most of it as they played songs from their debut album ‘When I Do’ as well as songs from their more recent EP ‘A & E (Alcohol And ego’s)’ with the likes of ‘Home’, ‘Get Along’, ‘A & E’, ‘T-W-A-T’ and also a cover of the classic Blues Brothers song ‘Everybody Needs Somebody’ really standing out for the right reasons tonight as The Jellycats seriously laid down some out right infectious ska-punk sounds whilst dancing their arses off on stage.

Photo Of The Magnus Puto © Copyright TriggerThe main support band tonight were Bristol based Magnus Puto and as soon as they took to the stage vocalists Andy Frenchwindow and Pat Fallon moved the microphone stands to the back of the stage grabbed their mic’s and proper let rip with their electronic ska hip-hop cross over.

The energy Magnus Puto let off on stage tonight was amazing as Andy Frenchwindow and Pat Fallon took control of the whole stage as their battle style vocals complimented each other whilst James Eyres took control of the guitarl, Photo Of The Magnus Puto © Copyright TriggerPat Fawbert Mills on bass, Chris Ball on drums and Josh Wood on keys completing the bands full on in your face sounds.

Through their set Magnus Puto played a good set which consisted of ‘Footsteps’, ‘Gettin’ Trouble’, ‘Another Way’, ‘Feels So Good’, ‘Shining Light’ yet it was their single ‘Loved Ones’ and set closer ’Electric Lady Light’ which really got the crowd moving tonight and what set these guys off from the rest of the bands on the bill tonight was the electronic beats which dominated their songs in a huge way.

Photo Of Reel Big Fish © Copyright TriggerA good 10minutes before Reel Big Fish took to the stage tonight there were massive chants of “Reel Big Fish” echoing around the venue as the now sold out capacity crowd were chanting for their heroes to take to the stage and as soon as they did they smashed straight into ‘Everyone Else Is An Asshole’ before unleashing ska-punk mayhem for the best part of one and a half hours.

Like always Reel Big Fish brought the party to the stage tonight with Aaron Barrett wearing his finest Hawaiian shirt with ska-punk style sunglasses and John Photo Of Reel Big Fish © Copyright TriggerChristianson dressed head to toe in a tracksuit with his trademark lightning bolt t-shirt and a pair of bright yellow sunglasses whilst the rest of the best went more down the suited and booted route showing off the smarter side to Reel Big Fish.

Musically Reel Big Fish brought out all the hits tonight as they played the likes of ‘Sell Out’, ‘Where Have You Been’, ‘FU’, ‘Beer’ whilst generally jumping, dancing, skanking and making a fool of themselves on stage whilst the crowd were setting off circle pits like their lives depended on it and during ‘Where Have You Been’ Billy Kottage dived into the crowd for a bit of crowd surfing with Photo Of Reel Big Fish © Copyright Triggerfrontman Aaron Barrett shouting out ‘Be gentle with him we want our boner back’ making a double meaning reference to Billy Kottage’s instrument of choice.

One of the best moments of the night was when Reel Bigh Fish played their fan favourite ‘S.R’ a song which see’s them repeating the same song in as many musical styles as possible as the country music and metal versions featured some great crowd participation with barn dances and a lot of head banging and at the end of the song Aaron Barrett shouted out “I would play a dub Photo Of Reel Big Fish © Copyright Triggerstep version but I left my laptop at home” which has actually left myself and the crowd tonight eager to hear a dub step version.

Reel Big Fish finished their main set with ‘Beer’ and it was the perfect finish as the majority of tonight’s crowd had hit drunkenville due to the amount of beer they had sunk so it was only right that they were treated to a song about their best friend beer.

After a short break and massive chants of “Reel Big Fish, Reel Big Fish”, the band returned to the stage and played a quick burst of ‘Ole’ to coincide with the World Cup that has been taking the world by storm for the Photo Of Reel Big Fish © Copyright Triggerpast month and then they played ‘Monkey Man’, ‘I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend To’ and ‘Take On Me’ which proved to be a triple whammy of sing-a-long songs with Emma May from the Jelly Cats joining Reel Big Fish on stage for guest vocals during ‘I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend’ helping finish a great night of music in such a perfect way.

On the back of tonight’s show I will defiantly be checking out The Jelly Cats and Magnus Puto again and as for Reel Big fish like usual they were on top form and I can’t wait for them to return to the UK again hopefully for their yearly set of shows in 2015.

The Jelly Cats 4/5
Magnus Puto 4/5
Reel Big Fish 5/5

Review By Trigger

 Reel Big Fish

Aaron Barrett
Billy Kottage
John Christianson (Johnny Christmas)
Ryland Steen
Derek Gibbs
Matt Appleton

 The Magnus Puto

Andy Frenchwindow
Pat Fallon
James Eyres
Josh Wood
Pat Fawbert Mills
Chris Ball

 The Jelly Cats

Emma May
Stu Cooper
Rob Allen
Ollie Cooper
Alex Polak

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