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Bournemouth - The Old Fire Station
26th October 2006

BoyKillBoy            Ali Love


That's the only song people know by BKB really.

Don't deny it.

The Old Fire Station is Bournemouth University's student bar/club, and I am lucky enough to be a student here, residing about 100 yards from the said venue. It consists of three sizely rooms, each with their own bar, and one with a stage. It can hold a surprisingly large amount of people, and when Ked Kandi and such play here, the place is packed. But forget that dancey rubbish, it's time for some Indie, kids!

The first band were playing as we entered. And basically, all I can remember is not being very impressed. I remember the group of of discussing how they "just want to be the Zutons," but I don't recall why. Ali Love? Not a fan.

That was a short review for a band wasn't it?

The main feature, BOYKILLBOY!

What a bunch of odd balls. A massive muscular black drummer, a strange indie-emo singer wearing a hat, with a voice you wouldn't expect from him, a pretty generic guitarist, and a midget keyboardist. I loved it.

Back Again. Killer. On and On. Six Minutes. Last Of The Great. Ivy Parker.

All songs I'd never heard of, but everyone else clearly had. Looking out infront of the stage, you could see a sea of heads bouncing around, which is always fun to look at. We were stood up on a higher platform by the lighting desk.

The next song, Civil Sin, one of their best, I did happen to know. Everything was being played flawlessly, and in between songs, they might talk a little bit to the crowd, although it was more of a mutter if I'm honest. The midget keyboardist decided to say something to the crowd, but then changed his mind half way through and kind of faded out. So if you weren't in the front row, you probably couldn't hear.

Anyway, back to the musak:

Friday Friday, Promises, Cheaper, Shoot Me Down, Look Away, Showdown, and then, yes, finally, everyone wet your pants for Suzie! Which IS their best song. Probably a bias opinion as I actually know it, but no, it's true. This song is fucking awesome. Go and buy it. And afterwards it was all over, and the band walked off.

The place was full of gig newbies, as they, including my friends I was with, turned to leave. They looked at me like an idiot as I didn't budge. Gig veteran mate. How can you forget about an encore. First hint is whether the lights go up, second hint is whether the sound and lighting crew are fiddling with anything, and third hint is whether the crew on stage, are unplugging things, or plugging them back in.

And anyway, they came back on to play two more songs, Exit and On My Own.

"How do you know all the songs if you don't know the band?"
I got a set-list of the lighting man.
Yes mate.

And so that's it I'm afraid. Not so much a review, as a list of songs and a rating out of five, but there you go.

Review by Thom


Chris (Vocals/Guitar)
Kev (Bass/Vocals)
Pete (Keyboards)
Shaz (Drums)
 Ali Love

Ali Love
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