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Bury Tomorrow
Chuck!, No Captain Chunk
Stoke, Sugarmill
21st May 2014

Bury Tomorrow           Chunk!, No Captain Chunk           


Photo Of Chunk!, No Captain Chunk © Copyright Jazza WallaceLiterally days before Bury Tomorrow’s third, high anticipated album is set to be release called ‘Runes’, the band stopped off in Stoke during their latest UK headline tour to promote the release. Bury Tomorrow brought the likes of Napoleon, Demoraliser and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Along with them as support.

I’ve never seen Bury tomorrow live before so It was a pleasure to have the chance to not only see them live but to photograph them too.
As I walked into the very small, hot and sweaty venue called The Sugarmil, I could see Photo Of Chunk!, No Captain Chunk © Copyright Jazza Wallacethe crowd raring to go as support band Demoraliser warmed them up with their heavy breakdowns as Pits were opening up throughout the tiny venue.

I even got caught in a wall of death where a whole beer was thrown over me but nothing was going to bring the excitement away from seeing Bury Tomorrow.

I didn’t know Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Were support for this tour so finding out as they walked on stage was a great treat because they are a great band all the way from France and I’ve photographed them before so I was very excited to see Photo Of Bury Tomorrow © Copyright Jazza Wallacethem again. They kept to crowd going throughout their set with their pop-punk/hardcore mixture of music as Bertrand Poncet, on lead vocals, give a very energetic and entertaining performance. The band even treated their fans and threw in a cover of ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth, which actually went down really well as I saw everyone in the room bouncing and singing along to it.

I rate Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! 4/5 as their performances are always so fun and energetic.

Photo Of Bury Tomorrow © Copyright Jazza WallaceAs Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Walked off stage after their last song, you could see the tons of fans in the packed out building just itching in anticipation for the one band they actually came to see to walk on.

Finally it was time, as the lights dimmed and the crowd began to roar, Bury Tomorrow walked on stage.

They opened up with ‘Man on Fire’, the first single from their yet to be released, new album, ‘Runes’. The entire audience was in the palm of Dani Winter-Bates’ hand the whole time, as anything he Photo Of Bury Tomorrow © Copyright Jazza Wallaceasked them to do, the crowd did so. There were literally bodies flying everywhere from the back of the room to the front and over the barrier, there were also people hoisted up in the air and on other peoples shoulders as told to do so by Dani Winter-Bates again.

As well as old favorites ‘Waxed Wings’ and ‘Evolution of Self’ The band also belted out some of their new tracks throughout the set, as well as ‘Man on Fire’ they also treated the crowd to brand new songs ‘Of Glory’, ‘The Torch’, and ‘The Watcher’, from their brand new album ‘Runes’. The new Photo Of Bury Tomorrow © Copyright Jazza Wallacetracks couldn’t have gone any better as pitch perfect, clean vocalist Jason Cameron sang along to them, the crowd sang all the words right back at the band.

By the end of the bands set and what everyone thought was their last song, it was easy to see everyone in the building was exhausted, the crowd and the band both put so much effort into this show and it truly was a great treat for everyone there.

As the band left the stage and everyone tried to down their last pints, the crowd still holding on to what energy they have left started rumbling and shouting for more, next thing you know the band were back onstage for an encore which was one of their most famous and meaningful tracks, ‘Lionheart’ from the second album ‘The Union of Crowns’.

This was a great night and I highly recommend anyone that hasn’t seen this band live yet to hurry up and stop wasting time before the band gets bigger and bigger. I rate this performance

Chunk!, No Captain Chunk 4/5
Bury Tomorrow 5/5

Review By Jazza Wallace

 Bury Tomorrow

Davyd Winter Bates
Daniel Winter Bates
Adam Jackson
Jason Cameron
Kristan Dawson

 Chunk!, No Captain Chunk

Bertrand Poncet
Paul Cordebard
Éric Poncet
Mathias Riga
Jonathan Donnaes

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