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Blitz Kids
Nottingham, The Bodega
6th April 2014

                  Blitz Kids

Photo Of Blitz Kids © Copyright Jazza WallaceI arrived later than I wanted to, to the small but packed out Bodega in Nottingham because I can never find anywhere to park in Nottingham but I got there just in time to watch Blitz Kids perform their full set.

Blitz Kids are an up and coming band fromNantwich, who have a natural ability to get the crowd going and pumped for the main act tonight. The stage was only small but it gave the band a good chance to interact a lot with their ever-growing fans in the hot and sweaty crowd. As there wasn’t any barrier between the stage and the floor, front man Joe James, had fan Photo Of Blitz Kids © Copyright Jazza Wallacegirls, left, right and center trying to grab him as he sang along to songs like – Sometimes, Run For Cover, On My Own and Never Die, as well as other tracks from their album The Good Youth.

I’ve never seen Blitz Kids live before but I really enjoy listening to their music and I very much enjoyed seeing them perform so I will definitely be seeing them again in the future because their stage presence was really good and they had a lot of energy, also I like bands that can interact well with their fans.

Photo Of Canterbury © Copyright Jazza WallaceI rate Blitz kids 5/5 because if you already know of or follow this band, you will understand how hard they have worked to get to this point in their career, They have toured so much with so many different bands, perfected all their songs and I believe they genuinely are a great young band.

Next up was non other than the main act of the night, Canterbury. When I got asked to photograph Blitz Kids, I had no idea they were supporting Canterbury, in which are also another great band that I really enjoy seeing live and listening to, hailing from Surrey. I’ve seen and photographed this band a couple of Photo Of Canterbury © Copyright Jazza Wallacetimes before but they recently released their newest album in January called ‘Dark Days’, so I was eager to see how the band performed their new tracks live and how the crowd would react to them.

As the lights dimmed in the room and Canterbury took the stage, the roar from the small but very loud crowd was huge.During their very long set, The band performed old classics from their albums ‘Thank you’ and ‘Heavy In The Day’ like - Wrapped In Rainbows, More Than Know, Gloria and Calm Down.

Photo Of Blitz Kids © Copyright Jazza WallaceAll those older tracks Mixed in with tracks from their newest album in which they are trying to promote with this headline tour, ‘Dark Days’ like - Think It Over, Run From A Gun and Going Nowhere, These new tracks actually went down well with their fans and I could see everyone trying to sing along although some didn’t know the words, they were still trying.

Canterbury are the kind of band that don’t need to move much on stage and don’t need to have energy in their body’s because all the energy comes from their very talented voices which instantly get any crowd they are performing to going and off their feet without them jumping around on stage.

I rate Canterbury 5/5 also, not just because they are one of my favorite bands but because they never fail to impress me when I see them live and they really are another great band that make some amazing songs, so everyone should check them out if they haven’t already.

Blitz Kids 5/5
Canterbury 5/5
Patent Pending 5/5

Review And Photos By Jazza Wallace


James Pipe
Luke Prebble
Mike Sparks
Chris Velissarides

 Blitz Kids

Joey James
Jono Yates
Nic Montgomery
Matt Freer

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