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The Wildhearts
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
8th April 2014

The Wildhearts         

“The Wildhearts Strike Back” Tour kicking off at The Wulfrun in Wolverhampton tonight sees bandmates Ginger, CJ, Rich and additional bassist Scott Sorry reunited after a four year hiatus which is a regular feature of this band. The path has never been straightforward for The Wildhearts due to feuds with record companies, various band members being fired by Ginger at any one time and drugs/depression but the legions of fans that have been collected along the way remain a loyal bunch and looking around me tonight, the venue is packed. It’s good to see and I’m expecting big things too from this lot. The Wildhearts have always been about noise, energy and in-yer-face tunage and tonight is no exception. The four land on stage and launch right into proceedings which whips the already buoyed-up crowd into a frenzy and I’m pleased to say, muchos crowd-surfing is had by a few lucky individuals at the front.

>The first track tonight is S.I.N. (In Sin) followed by Nexus Icon. Hits such as Sick of Drugs, Caffeinebomb, My Baby is a Headfuck and I Wanna Go Where the People Go are all thrown in for good measure before they end with Nothing Ever Changes but the Shoes and 29 x The Pain. The whole gig flies by tonight - the only downside is that The Wulfrun seriously needs to sort out its mixing desk and sound in general as people in the crowd were struggling to tell one song from another tonight due to tunes that sounded like they were being played through cotton wool. Towards the end, CJ’s guitar was virtually non-existent and any solos just didn’t happen. A real shame as the band played their hearts out tonight but were let down by equipment. Other than that, top cheese!

The Wildhearts 4/5

Review And Photos By Claire Whelpton

 The Wildhearts

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