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Within Temptation
Birmingham, Academy
16th April 2014

Within Temptation               Delain

Photo Of Delain © Copyright Robert LawrenceFirst up and only support tonight are Delain, a 5 piece symphonic Dutch metal band, formed by a former member of Within Temptation, and also a perfect compliment to tonight's headliner.

They certainly have been influenced by bands of the same genre that have been highly successful like Nightwish and Within Temptation, the songs are pretty good but they lack the killer catchiness that the fore mentioned seem to have found these past few years. They Photo Of Delain © Copyright Robert Lawrencehave some really good guitar riffs and the drumming is, while not overly technical has the beats that you can tap your finger or thumb to or maybe even the occasional bit of air drumming, this band is certainly on the right track and on the up and up and if they keep evolving and polishing their sound they can carve out a nice piece of the market in this country for themselves and I'm sure they have won a load of fans tonight amongst the ones already in attendance.

Photo Of Within Temptation © Copyright Robert LawrenceWithin Temptation are always a band I look forward to seeing live, they always put on a really decent show and tonight is no different although as I hear it, it isn't the full stage show due to space restrictions.

I thought the opening song wasn't the best choice, 'Let Us Burn' , it feels a bit weak but the following few songs really kick the show into life with Sharon coming down the steps on which she stayed for the opening song, 'Paradise', 'Faster' and 'Iron' really get the set exiting for me, but the crowd are already well into it, 'Faster' doesn't seem as punchy for me.

Photo Of Within Temptation © Copyright Robert LawrenceThings are taken down a notch with 'Edge of the World', it's mellow and tinged with sadness, but a really, really good song. The middle of the night takes the pace right back up, and more in line with it's studio counterpart, fast and catchy as hell but the guitar tone has a bit of menace about it which is pretty cool.

While Sharon is undoubtedly a star I feel a bit too much focus is on her and less so on the rest of the band, the light literally and figuratively, seems to be on her 95% of the time, the band just seems to lurk about in the dark.

Photo Of Within Temptation © Copyright Robert LawrenceWe are now well into the set with the likes of the heavy anthemic 'Jillian', Sharon get's very operatic and the band get heavy which is good on the ears, to which the crowd show their appreciation with a round of applause when the song finishes, this is followed by 'Angels', 'Dangerous' and 'And we Run', which is then followed by another movie snippet on the big screen behind the band as they take a quick breather.

After the short breather they enter the tail end of their superb show with the likes of 'See Who I Am, 'The Cross' and main set closer 'Mother Earth'. One thing I did notice is they do Photo Of Within Temptation © Copyright Robert Lawrenceseem to have a backing vocal track on some of their songs, and to fill in parts where they have had a guest vocalist, it's good that they haven't dismissed these parts.

After a short break they come back on and open the encore with 'What Have You Done', whilst wildly popular with the crowd and fans in general it's not one of my favourites, but that don't matter much, they perform an acoustic version of 'Whole World is Watching' and a Lana del Rey cover 'Summertime Sadness' which happens to be my favourite LDR track and they do a really good cover of it. Closing out the night is 'Ice Queen', a really solid track to finish the night and send the crowd out on their hopefully merry way and they have certainly got their monies worth with a superb show tonight.

Delian 3.5/5
Within Temptation 5/5

Review And Photos By Robert Lawrence

 Within Temptation

Sharon den Adel
Robert Westerholt
Ruud Jolie
Stefan Helleblad
Jeroen Van Veen
Martijn Spierenburg
Mike Coolen


Charlotte Wessels
Martijn Westerholt
Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije
Sander Zoer
Timo Somers

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