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The Midnight Beast
Birmingham, Academy
19th March 2014

The Midnight Beast   

Photo Of The Midnight Beast © Copyright James DalyI enter the venue towards the end of the supports set, so the room is already full to the brim and I literally have to push my way down to the front through this heaving crowd full of mainly teenage girls who have no idea why I, a 30 year old bloke, is saying excuse me and trying to push my way to the front to get into the photo pit. But I get there and watch the last few minutes of the support act, who are not a band but a local clothing label who are playing a few songs and handing out freebies to promote themselves, they get the crowd warmed up and end there dance fuled setlist with 5ive’s Get On Up. After a quick clear out of the stage and a short wait, the main act are ready to come out,

Photo Of The Midnight Beast © Copyright James DalyThe Midnight Beast, take to the stage dressed in what look like Adidas made Power Ranger outfits, as they all have a mask and are all in one colour, along with them is 2 dancers in a cat and dog suit that dance along with them as they perform Beast Song Ever. Before I get into the review, I will explain who the Midnight Beast are, just in case you’ve been living under a rock, they are a 3 piece comedy boy band/rap act that have their own show on E4 and have been going for about 5 years, they’re fun and they work on a number of levels from childish humour to witty musings, but anyway back to the review. Photo Of The Midnight Beast © Copyright James DalyDuring the song, each member has their own verse and unmask themselves and come to centre stage when it’s their turn, whilst the others stand still with their fists in the air making a very striking stage presence. They sound great and have a drummer on stage doing live beats to go along with the backing tracks as they sing/rap along, this makes them feel more like a live band and not just a pre-recorded pop act, the vocals come across crisp and clear and the beats drop thick and fast. They continue the set with Fuck The Harlem Shake which is a play on the popularity that was the Harlem Shake, which is something Photo Of The Midnight Beast © Copyright James DalyI’m sure we’d all like to forget, but this song in itself serves as a legacy to the short lived phenomenon. They then play the Dance Routine where they are joined on stage by the dancers from the start but they are no longer dressed as a cat and dog, and during this song each member takes off the remainder of their outfits so they’re just in t-shirts and shorts, which drives this crowd wild.

They then do a song called The Main One which revolves about which member is the main guy in the band, but turns out to be comical genius as each member basically talks themselves out of being the main one by what they actually do, this flows into Just Another Boy band which talks about how commercial they are and which Photo Of The Midnight Beast © Copyright James Dalywas a huge hit on their TV show which is about them trying to get signed and promoted against actual boy bands. They then take a quick break whilst Drew and Ashley talk to the crowd about how hot it is and how they’re enjoying playing a show for the first time in months, they then pause and wonder what song is next before Stef comes back onto the stage to tell them how they should have left to get ready for the next song, I couldn’t tell weather this was real or not, but either way it was great to see them having fun and enjoying the moment. They leave the stage and change into cloaks and come back to play Wands which uses the Harry Potter music sampled into a loop where they talk about being in gangs and using there wands as Photo Of The Midnight Beast © Copyright James Dalyweapons, they do this whilst holding Harry Potter style wands, which play up and don’t turn on when they want them too, the song ends with them joined by more people on stage all waving glow sticks along with the music. The gig so far is going great, they’re really active with dance routines, jumping around the stage, and even getting down into the photo pit to get closer to their screaming fans who know every word to every song. They decide to slow things down with Friends For Never and Stef plays a keyboard for this one, they continue with Ninja’s and then Sweet Sixteen in which they all appear on stage in big prom dresses whilst a sample from It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I want to loops as they sing about pretentious sweet Photo Of The Midnight Beast © Copyright James Dalysixteen’s. When the song ends they struggle to take their dresses off but use this as a moment to thank there drummer Ed who it turns out does the bass samples too. They take a moment to in their words be “Unprofessional” and take a selfie in the crowd. Before jumping back on stage and singing a song called When I’m Older which is quite controversial as they talk about not being Peado’s whilst there dancers where old man masks and dance alongside. They then play Lez Be Friends which is about how if girls don’t like them when they hit on them, then they must be a lesbian, they climb the stage fittings during this song and then have to quickly get back to centre stage for dance routines which makes for fun Photo Of The Midnight Beast © Copyright James Dalywatching. They ask the crowd “If we do a tour, would you come back?” which is met by huge cheers, which is how the crowd have responded all night, no-one seems to clap after a song just screams at the band. They then tell the audience how they have a new album coming out soon and that “we know you want to hear some old ones but where so excited to play new ones!” before performing Uber, they then perform Begging, which is about the world ending and how then the girl they like will be begging them for sex, during which they all play instruments, with Drew getting on drums, Stef playing guitar and Ashley on Bass. This shows how they’re legitimate song Photo Of The Midnight Beast © Copyright James Dalywriters and an actual band as they don’t just dance and rap they sing and play instruments too. They continue this for Quirky, which makes me feel old as they sing about when they’re 30 they’ll still be wearing a baseball cap, which I currently am. They song comes to an end with 2 dancers setting off huge poppers that cover the crowd in confetti and Ashley does a huge jump with the bass, before announcing “we’re gonna fuck off now”.

They come back on and the crowd throws twix’s to them (which the support band threw out) and they ask for more. They then do a warm up with the crowd making sure everyone knows the lyrics for the final 2 songs before performing Booty Call and the Kes$a cover/skit Tik Tok which goes down a storm. They take time after the song to thank the fans for sticking by them and to go and meet Stef’s mum whose selling merch as she’d really like to meet them.

Overall tonight’s gig was great, I may have been the oldest person in the room, but I still enjoyed it as much as the screaming teenage girls. They’re funny, they’re talented and they’re so different to most bands that are out there. They don’t take themselves seriously and are kings of social media, they’re definitely worth checking out and with a new album out in June and a new tour being announced soon for later in the year you have no excuses not to go check them out!

Midnight Beast 5/5

Review By James Daly

 The Midnight Beast

Stefan Abingdon
Dru Wakely
Ashley Horne

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