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Dayshell, The Smoking Hearts
Birmingham, Academy
7th April 2014

Halestorm                     Dayshell           The Smoking Hearts

Photo Of The Smoking Hearts © Copyright Robert LawrenceEntering to the 'Undertakers' theme music, The Smoking Hearts burst their way through a short opening set including fast paced 'Destroy' and they have the growing audience under good influence from the get go. They are a little raucous for my liking, very bash and crash screamo. Great interaction with the crowd from the boys of London though.

Sounding a little like a mix of a slightly heavier version of Jane's Addiction, Alkaline Trio and Deftones live, are tonight's main support act Dayshell.

Photo Of Dayshell © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe band have a fantastic connection with the crowd, encouraging everyone to bounce and join in with their interesting vocal mix.

After the first two high paced tracks, we slow it down with 'Avatar', displaying frontman Shayley's vocal talents further, from angelic to demonic in a split second. Although he is recovering from a cold, and his throat is struggling somewhat this evening he confesses.

Photo Of Halestorm © Copyright Robert LawrenceThe crowd seem a little motionless for a brief moment during the following track, almost mesmerised, possibly lost interest after what appeared to start out as a good set. Regardless, the crowd give them a good applause, and I think they may certainly be one to try and listen to again.

Just after 9am, the crowd are really starting to chant for tonight's headline act, the mighty Halestorm.

Photo Of Halestorm © Copyright Robert LawrenceThis is the first time I have actually managed to catch the band live after many failed attempts, so I like the rest of the room am excited to see what is about to unfold on stage. Once again, the crowd chant and cheer as Halestorm take to the stage, and proceed to smash the academy's back doors in with 'I Miss The Misery'. Lzzy's voice is incredible, as she leads the rest of the band, for more high powered performance along with the crowd, for 'Love Bites (so do I)', during which there is one of the biggest screams from a crowd I have ever heard and respectfully so, a massive applause at the end.

Photo Of Halestorm © Copyright Robert Lawrence'It's Not You' continues the fast pace of the evening, as does 'Freak Like Me' before a brief few words from Lzzy, including talking about featuring on the latest tribute album for Ronnie James Dio, with their cover of 'Straight Through The Heart' which is next track this evening. Interestingly enough, Halestorm's current set list is inclusive of a few covers, from their recently released EP 'Reanimation 2.0', including Fleetwood Mac's 'Gold Dust Woman' which sounds awesome with a Halestorm spin to it.

Photo Of Halestorm © Copyright Robert LawrenceTaking things down a touch mid set with 'Break In', sang so passionately by Lzzy with the wonderful undertones of the Birmingham accented crowd, followed by 'Familiar Taste Of Poison' before the epic drum solo from Arejay, which is just fascinating to witness! After the brief breather, it's back on it full steam ahead with a cover of Judas Priest's 'Dissident Agressor', the Insanely epic, 'Mz.Hyde', followed not too long after with new track 'Mayhem' which is slightly different to the usual sound of Halestorm for me, not in a bad way but I can't quite make up my mind about it. Set closers are the brilliantly covered 'Get Lucky' (Daft Punk) and 'Here's To Us', a great end to a great evening of music and pure rock showmanship, so 'here's to you' Halestorm, a huge 5/5!

The Smoking Hearts 2/5
Dayshell 2/5
Halestorm 5/5

Review By Jude Onions
Photos By Robert Lawrence


Lzzy Hale
Josh Storm
Joe Storm


Shayley Dayshell Bourget
Raul Martinez
Jordan Wooley
Tyler Shippy

 The Smoking Hearts


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