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Steel Panther
Bristol, Academy
23rd March 2014

Steel Panther 

Photo Of Steel Panther © Copyright TriggerWhen Steel Panther announced their 10 date March UK headline tour back in October ticket flew out the door with the Bristol show being the first date of the tour selling out within hours of going on sale so when I headed down to the Academy in Bristol tonight I knew I was in for a big fun hectic night.

The first thing I noticed when entering the venue tonight was how many people had got in the Steel Panther sprit wearing wigs, animal print leggings and general outrageous clothing to imitate their heroes, the venue was packed to the rafters and it took a fair few minutes Photo Of Steel Panther © Copyright Triggerto get into the main room due to people heading in every direction so they could have a sneaky cigarette, beer or toilet break before Steel Panther took to the stage.

The lights dimmed around 9pm and Iron Maiden’s 'The number Of The Beast’ started blasting out of the sound system and moments later Steel Panther took to the stage which was welcomed by massive screams from the crowd

Steel Panther took to the stage just after 9pm and their entrance was welcomed by Photo Of Steel Panther © Copyright Triggermassive screams from the crowd and the band hit straight into a double whammy of ‘Eyes Of A Panther’ and ‘Tomorrow Night’, both songs were played to perfection and the band were in the full swing of energy with Stix Zadinia smacking the hell of his drum kit whilst posing for the photographers, Satchel was storming around the stage laying down some mighty riffs, Lexxi Foxx was spending the majority of the time looking pretty and pouting whilst Michael Starr was pacing all over the stage even joining Stix Zadinia on his high rise stage.

Photo Of Steel Panther © Copyright TriggerAfter the first two songs Steel Panther did what they did best and spent the next 10 to 15 minutes introducing themselves, telling jokes, being smutty and generally being the outrageous comedians they are, with talk about the crowd in Bristol always being the best to jokes about shagging members of the crowds girlfriends to below the belt jokes about Ian Watkins and child minding, now not many people can get away with talking for so long between songs at a gig and despite one angry member of the crowd shouting “play some fucking music” which was widely ignored by the band as they continued to talk for another 5 minutes the other 1700 fans in attendance tonight were laughing their heads off like they were at a Russell Howard comedy night.

Photo Of Steel Panther © Copyright TriggerThe music finally continued and Steel Panther went straight into ‘Asian Hooker’ where Michael Starr brings an Asian girl dressed like a school girl on stage the girl spends the majority of the time looking very nervous and covering her face, in fact she did such a good job that it was hard to tell if she was just a random they met on the day of the show or if this has been a regular occurrence throughout the tour, either way it went down well with the theme of the song and kept everyone in attendance entertained.

Photo Of Steel Panther © Copyright TriggerAs the set progressed Steel Panther played the likes of ‘Just Like Tiger Woods’, ‘Turn Out The Lights’, ‘Gold Digging Whore’, ‘It Won’t Suck Itself’ as well as new tracks ‘Gloryhole, ‘The Burden Of Being Wonderful’ and ‘Party Like Tomorrow Is the End Of The World’ which are all from their forthcoming fourth studio album ‘All You Can Eat’ which is due for release any day now.

Towards the end of the set Steel Panther bring about 15 girls from the audience up on the stage to dance and get there tits out whilst they continue playing their music which soon stops again when Satchel notices a Photo Of Steel Panther © Copyright TriggerGilf in the crowd and brings her up on stage as well and for the next 3 songs the stage features a massive Steel Panther party with the crowd watching in anticipation not knowing where to look due to the stage being rammed with people, a bit later Satchel spots a 12 year old kid in the audience and make comments on how he is going to get all the pussy tomorrow and how he should bang his science teacher .

The show comes to an end with ‘Death to all But Metal’ the song which helped put Steel Panther on the road to success and the next 5 minutes become a real sing-a-long as the whole crowd get involved and on the big screen at the back of the stage the likes of Photo Of Steel Panther © Copyright TriggerJustin Bieber and Miley Cryus are plastered over the screen with the word death pasted over them.

After a short breask steel Panther come back on stage to play a three song encore which featured ‘Community Property’, ’17 Girls In A Row’ and ‘Party All Day (Fuck All Night) and it was the slow paced ‘Community Property’ which really was the stand out moment of the night as everyone sang word for word with Michael Starr.

On the live circuit is always where you get the true Steel Panther feel and tonight like always the band were on top form, not only do they play some amazing old skool sounding songs but they also double up as a comedy act and the big screen which showed many of their videos and various different smutty clips along with the huge amount of confetti at the end of the show really made this one of the best Steel Panther live shows I have ever experienced and I am now looking forward to the Download Festival in June even more now.

Steel Panther 5/5

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