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All Time Low
Tonight Alive
Birmingham, Academy
9th March 2014

All Time Low               Tonight Alive

Photo Of Tonight Alive © Copyright James DalyYet again it’s that time of year, the start of the year when All Time Low come around and yet again we have massive queues around the block, for tonight’s gig, with the taxi driver who drove me in almost yelping at the sheer size if the queue. The fans are eager and are already warm and sweaty by the time I get into the venue and down to the photo pit for the main support

Tonight Alive, are a 5 piece from Australia and are gaining momentum on the scene with a few albums behind them and allot of touring experience. They sound great, which is a relief because they sounded poor when I saw them last year. The guitars quietly twang then gain the brash crescendo into the choruses, the drums sound crisp and keep the beat a flow with the bass plodding in the mix to gain the fullness of these sweet romantic pop rock songs. They're all tied together with vocalist Jenna Mcdougle’s sweet vocals that get this audience in awe, a fellow photographer stands in amazement at one point at the beauty and sheer presence she has on stage. She controls this crowd and Photo Of Tonight Alive © Copyright James Dalyalthough they're here for All Time Low they respond so well, she prowls the stage perching on the stands at the front before jumping up and rocking out. This is there first tour of the year, and it doesn't show, they seem on top of their game and they show this by playing a new song which goes down a storm, by her telling the crowd to act like they know it. And they do. It comes across like an old favourite rather than a new treat to drop. They totally change my opinion on them and play an awesome set that rocks and sways this passionate young crowd. I look forward to them coming back soon with a new album and tour.

Photo Of All Time Low © Copyright James DalyAll Time Low take to the stage to huge cheers, as is always the case, as this crowd of mainly 16 year old girls go crazy in excitement for this 4 piece from Baltimore. The sound from the crowd is almost unbearable and as All Time Low play 6 songs in a row with no break, I started to think that they’d changed how they do things, with them playing a huge set without the stage antics, but I was wrong. They finish up after playing six killer tracks; Do You Want Me (Dead?), So Long, Soldier, The Irony Of Choking on a Lifesaver, Stella, For Baltimore and Break Your Little Heart, and then start with the fun, or for All Time Photo Of All Time Low © Copyright James DalyLow a bit of a serious note, as they as everyone to take one giant step back, so people can breathe, “as we don't like it when you pass out”. This is due to the huge amount of girls that are getting dragged out of the swelteringly hot crowd due to heat exhaustion. But the band try and put a fun spin on it, by then waving their hands like fans to cool the crowd down, before throwing water at them, it doesn’t do much but it shows they take it seriously even if they’re here to have fun. “How’ve you been? I've missed you so much!” shouts singer Alex Gaskarth “We are All Time Low from Baltimore Maryland, we've played here like 9 times and this feels the hottest, let’s take a picture with you guys” before the band turn the backs to the crowd and get a giant selfie together which sets the crowd into overdrive. Photo Of All Time Low © Copyright James DalyThey continue the set with Lost In Stereo, Six Feet Under The Stars, Vegas, Guts and Weightless, which is weird for me as they used to play weightless near the end and now it’s a mid-set song, it just shows how popular All Time Low are, that there old favourites get mixed into the middle and newer songs take over the pleasure of being the final song played. The band sound amazing, and have clearly taken the time to sound check through the academy’s great system as the music sounds so clear as if it was recorded. This young audience enjoy the show, but wind me up a little as most have their phones up throughout the entire set, for reasons I’m unsure of, I mean if you want bad footage that you’ll never watch again, fair enough, but don’t get taken out of the moment by watching it through a Photo Of All Time Low © Copyright James Dalyscreen, if you wanted to do that then go home, turn the heating up and watch all these videos on youtube. The band slow it down a little, with 2 acoustic tracks of Remembering Sunday and Therapy, before going back into the fun time songs with Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t), Somewhere In Neverland and Time-Bomb, in which the guys get 5 “rockstars” up on stage to help them sing the song, which is great fun for the girls picked but is chaos for the swelteringly hot fans who didn’t. The band continue there antics by bassist Jack Backeratt tying a tie round his head before telling the crowd “I was borne in Birmingham” before Alex chips in “Yeah, you was Photo Of All Time Low © Copyright James Dalyconceived in a Nandos, taste my friend, he tastes like peri peri chicken” before they change the subject and talk about lesbians, “Not enough lesbians come to our shows, which is sad, I'm the gayest lesbian here, we encourage sexuality at our shows, so tell your lesbian friends to get down here”. Alex then tells us how Ryan ate a big bowl of custard and now he's throwing up” before they start singing an impromptu bassy drum song with Jack singing the words gravity over and over. They continue the set with Backseat Serenade and Oh, Calamity before leaving the stage. They come back after a minute and continue their set with The Reckless and The Brave, A Love Like War in which Jenna from Tonight Alive joins them on stage, before playing Dear Maria, Count Me In to wrap up the night.

Tonight has been great, with an awesome support band in Tonight Alive who truly impressed me, before the main act brought there fun time show that also sounds amazing, with a great stage set up and huge back drops they really are the real deal and I’m sure next year they’ll be playing arenas.

Tonight Alive 3.5/5
All Time Low 4/5

Review By James Daly

 All Time Low

Alex Gaskarth
Jack Barakat
Rian Dawson
Zack Merrick

 Tonight Alive

Jenna McDougal
Jake Hard
Cam Adler
Matt Best

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