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The Beards
Birmingham, Glee Club
17th February 2014

The Beards

Photo Of The Beards  © Copyright James DalyWell with tonight being at the Glee Club, a venue known more for comedy than for bands, the stage times are allot earlier than at other venues, so by the time I get in the venue for half eight I’ve missed the one and only support, Brad Dear and I’m in the venue mere minutes before the main band take to the stage, it’s weird having a headline band start this early but with the doors of the venue locked everyone is eager and ready to have some fun.

Photo Of The Beards  © Copyright James DalyThe Beards take to the stage to huge applause from this almost full room, with the band coming out and saying hi to everyone in the front row, shaking their hands before picking up their instruments and rocking straight into their first song I Like Beards. In case you don’t know The Beards are from Adelaide in Australia and have been rocking out to songs about Beards for almost 10 years and have now had 3 albums with a 4th album in the works, so they have plenty of practice writing and singing songs about Beards. They sound great, with their instruments coming across clearly and crisply, with the rhythmic guitars, crashing drums, plodding bass occasional keyboards and saxophone to mix the Photo Of The Beards  © Copyright James Dalysong up and some gruff vocals and harmonies. After every couple of songs the band take time to shake each other’s and the audiences’ hands, which is a fun thing to do, both for the band and the crowd as they love coming close to their bearded heroes who also let them touch their beards. The Beards continue their set with No Beard No Good, This Beard Stays and Born With A Beard. You might think that songs about beards might get boring, but you’d be wrong, every song is unique and special and changes the tone, whether it be an upbeat happy song, or a downbeat romantic song or even a ballad, there is something different in every song something funny, and that’s what this band is about fun! They’re playing the Glee Club for a Photo Of The Beards  © Copyright James Dalyreason, and that’s because they’re a comedy band, “If you don’t have a beard then stand behind someone with a beard, and if you have a beard get down the front as it’s the VIB (very important beard) section” spouts front man Johan Beardraven which then gets shouts from the girls in the front row, saying we have hairy downstairs though, to which they get the reply “If you have a hairy fanny, that’s fine, but it’s no beard!”. After every couple of songs the band take time to introduce one member whether it be Nathaniel Beard, Facey McStubblington or John Beardman JR and say a nice line like “John Beardman JR has the best beard in the band and he knows how to hit all the drums too! “ they introduce each every member as having the best beard in the band, before explaining later, “it’s not Photo Of The Beards  © Copyright James Dalyabout who has the best beard, as everyone with a beard is better than someone without a beard, it’s about working together as a bearded community.” The Beards break the set list up with Got Me A Beard, and half way through we get a crowd sing along as Johan Beardraven stops proceedings during Facey McStubblington’s big guitar solo where bassist Nathaniel Beard has joined him on his side of the stage for some visual pleasure “I’ve got me an idea” to which the band stops playing, “calm down and get back to your side” he says to Nathaniel Beard, “We’re gonna kick this shit up a bit. Were’re gonna split the room and get a sing along going, as the more you sing along to songs about beards the faster you’re beard grows, its science!”. So he Photo Of The Beards  © Copyright James Dalysplits the crowd up into 3 sections and gets the left to sing “Got Me A Beard” whilst the middle sings “I got me a beard” and the right sings “I got a beard” which sounds great as the band stops playing and the crowd continues to sing, the band take this time to have a drink and to read a book about beards, before the drums come back and the band do a big finish.

The band take a moment to get a person on stage with the best beard, the guy they get up is a little excited and downs his drink and then takes a drink from someone in the crowd and downs that before accepting the award for best overall beard. They also get a woman up later in the set to accept best overall effort to show that trying to grow a Photo Of The Beards  © Copyright James Dalybeard is just as good as owning a fully grown beard. They continue their set with Beard Accessory Store, Why Having A Beard Is Better Than Having A Woman, Shaved Off His Beard, If Your Dad Doesn’t Have A Beard Then You’ve Got Two Mums and There’s Just Nothing Better Than A Beard which they end with a big jump, but before they do they pause the music for Johan Beardraven to get his instrument changed once he has his unbearded lackey to bring it on stage for him, they all jump and end the set on a high. They take a breath break before coming back out and performing 2 ballads There’s A Bearded Man Inside Me and there biggest song You Should Consider Having Photo Of The Beards  © Copyright James DalySex With A Bearded Man. The crowd goes crazy and the band then come down to the merch stand to meet and great everyone and shake their hands and say thanks for coming.

Tonight was an awesome gig, it was funny, exciting, amazing and did I mention funny? If this Australian four piece are playing near you then go and check them out, you’ll meet allot of bearded men and woman and you’ll have a great time, even if you’re not bearded you’ll appreciate the good time feeling you get from the show. They’re an amazing band and one that has allot of time and effort poured in, they’re not just a quick we’re going to sing about beards band, they’re well worked and know how to entertain an audience.

The Beards 5/5

Review By James Daly

 The Beards

Johann Beardraven
Nathaniel Beard
Facey McStubblington
John Beardman JR.

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