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Protest The Hero
TesseracT, The Safety Fire, Intervals
Birmingham, Academy 2
2nd February 2014

Protets The Hero        TesseracT                   The Safety Fire            Intervals

Photo Of Intervals  © Copyright Claire Whelpton
Kicking off tonight’s Birmingham leg of the Europe & UK Volition Tour at the O2 Academy 2 are Intervals - a heavy, melodic, progressive metal band from Toronto, Canada headed up by lead guitarist Aaron Marshall who is a wizard on the fret board – if you like your technical metal then look no further! Accompanying him are guitarist Lucas Guyader, Arup Sastry on drums and Mike Semesky on vocals. Tonight the guys arrive on stage and begin the build up before exploding into ‘Alchemy’ followed by ‘Mata Hari’, ‘Ephemeral’ and ‘The Escape’ before finishing with Photo Of The safety Fire  © Copyright Claire Whelpton‘Tapestry’. The band were well received by the crowd and provided a great lead-in to The Safety Fire. Intervals are definitely one to watch and, with the musical talent onboard, I would imagine great things are in store for them in the future.

The Safety Fire are second on the bill and waste no time before launching into ‘Red Hatchet’ to a responsive crowd. Formed in London in 2006, The Safety Fire are an energetic band with a similar technical element to Intervals albeit with higher vocals in Sean McWeeney which offset the melodic guitar riffs from Joaquin Ardiles and Derya Nagle. One minute, the music is totally heavy and in-yer-face, the next it’s ballad-Photo Of TesseracT  © Copyright Claire Whelptonworthy so a lot of variation. The Safety Fire appeared at Sonisphere in 2011 alongside Metallica, Slipknot and Mastodon so have proved they can definitely hold their own on the metal circuit. Devin Townsend is a veteran of the Inside Out record label to which The Safety Fire are signed and they show a similar experimental side within their music. The set tonight includes tracks from their 2013 album ‘Mouth of Swords’ – ‘Yellowism, ‘Old Souls’ and ‘Mouth of Swords’ except for the track ‘Huge Hammers’ which hails from their 2012 album ‘Grind the Ocean’.

Up and coming metal outfit TesseracT need no introduction tonight with rave reviews already behind them from Kerrang!, Metal Hammer and Terrorizer magazines. Signed to Century Media records (home of grindcore giants Napalm Death) and formed in 2007, TesseracT are a British progressive metal band hailing from Milton Keynes. They have recently appointed a new lead singer in the form of Ashe O’Hara whose voice is angelic one minute and as angry as you like the next. He is the perfect addition to the band’s brutal yet haunting sound. Albums to date include ‘One’ and ‘Altered State’ and Photo Of Protets The Hero  © Copyright Claire Whelptontracks feature from both tonight – particularly memorable is ‘Of Matter – Proxy’. It is clear from the crowd’s reaction that they absolutely adore TesseracT and their performance is quite simply… stunning!

The headliners tonight, Protest the Hero, arrive on stage to rapturous applause following the performance by TesseracT and the atmosphere is electric! Post-hardcore, metal and technical all feature within the music of this band and the guys have been on the scene since they released their debut EP ‘Search for the Truth’ in 2002. Originally from Whitby, Ontario, Protest the Hero have toured with the likes of Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Korn, Limp Photo Of Protest The Hero  © Copyright Claire WhelptonBizkit and Sum 41… the list is endless! Their first full length album ‘Kezia’ was released in 2005. Since then they have racked up another three albums – the latest of which was released independently last year in October entitled ‘Volition’. Lead vocalist Rody Walker commands the stage tonight backed by a band literally pulsing with energy and enthusiasm. ‘Underbite’ begins the set tonight with tracks like ‘Clarity’ and ‘Tilting Against Windmills’ following before the finale of ‘Blindfolds Aside’ finishing up an amazing performance from the band – truly stupendous music that it will definitely take a while to come down from…

Intervals 4/5
The Safety Fire 3/5
TesseracT 5/5
Protest The Hero 5/5

Review By Claire Whelpton

 Protest The Hero

Rody Walker
Tim Millar
Moe Carlson
Luke Hoskin
Arif Mirabdolbaghi


Acle Kahney
Ashe O'Hara
Jay Postones

 The Safety Fire

Sean McWeeney
Joaquin Ardiles
erya Nagle
Lori Peri
Calvin Smith


Mike Semesky
Aaron Marshall
Lukas Guyader
Anup Sastry

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