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August Burns Red
Hundredth, The Catharsis
Birmingham, Academy 2
31st January 2014

August Burns Red            Hundredth               The Catharsis

Photo Of The Catharsis  © Copyright Jazza WallaceI've listened to a couple of August Burns Red songs before but I've never had the opportunity to see them live so i was more than happy when i was asked to photograph them. I went to the Birmingham show on a miserable and cold january evening to see the first date of their 2014 headline UK tour with Hundredth and The Catharsis, which played instead of Being As An Ocean just for this date.

When i first arrived there wasn't many people in the venue, but you could see the place was gradually getting busier as the night went on.

Photo Of The Catharsis  © Copyright Jazza WallaceFirst on was The Chatharsis who played at this date only instead of Being As An Ocean.

The band burst out on stage like a jack in a box, full of energy and ready to please the crowd with their ruthless riffs and hardcore screaming. With the band coming from Birmingham them selves, they were the only English band on the tour so they had to out do themselves with this one.

The Lead singer, Morgan definitely got the emerging crowd going and warmed up for the Photo Of Hundredth  © Copyright Jazza WallaceHeadline, on the last song he even jumped off stage and sang the last half in the crowd with fans.

Next up was Hundredth, I was quite excited to see what they had in store for the crowd because I've never actually heard any of their songs for some reason. Originated from South Carolina, Hundredth have been around since 2008 with their Melodic Hardcore style of music and they came all the way from America to support August Burns Red on their UK tour.

Photo Of August Burns Red  © Copyright Jazza WallaceThe band were already on stage preparing and tuning their instruments before the lights suddenly went dim and Howard Beale's monologue from the film ' NetWork' was used as an intro. After the intro, the Lead singer, Chadwick really got the crowd stirring as he was screaming along to the lyrics of the first song along with the ambient riffs of the guitarists.

All throughout their performance they had people going nuts, they didn't even have to ask anyone to create any mosh pits because they didn't have to, the crowd were way ahead of them.

Photo Of August Burns Red  © Copyright Jazza WallaceLast but not least August Burns Red were up, at this point of the night the venue was packed which was great as there wasn't many people there at the start of the night, maybe because of the bad weather the UK has had.

Before the band even took to the stage their fans were going mental, chanting ABR over and over again until they finally walked on stage from the back in Darkness to their screaming fans. They kicked things off with the song 'Fault Line', which is one of the tracks off their new album 'Rescue & Restore'.

Photo Of The Catharsis  © Copyright Jazza WallaceSeeing this band for the first time, i can definitely tell they have a great stage presence, The lead singer, ' Jake Luhrs' was roaring into his microphone whilst Guitarists were standing on front stage speakers blasting out their hardcore riffs, and the fans were loving it.

During the song ' Marina's Trench', Lead singer 'Jake' told the crowd to take out lighters and hold them up high as this song was "Dedicated to anyone that has ever lost a loved one".

As you can see from the video below the crowds response was unbelievable and the room shone bright, it kinda looked like stars in the midnight sky whilst the band was playing the song.

After a few more songs, at the end of what we all thought was the last song, the band walked off stage thanking and waving to all their fans. Little did we know it wasn't over yet and soon after the band walked back on stage for an encore and played two more songs, the crowd went nuts!

I rate this show 4/5 because you don't see many gigs these days where they tell the crowd to hold up lighters and think its a great way for bands to interact with their fans on a different level, plus it looks pretty!

The Catharsis 3/5
Hundredth 3/5
August Burns Red 4/5

August Burns Red - Video

Review By Jazza Wallace

 August Burns Red

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 The Chatharsis

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