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The Blackout
Leicester, Academy 2
29th January 2014

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Photo Of LostAlone © Copyright Jazza WallaceLost Alone are a band from Derby, that joined The Blackout on their 'Final Party Tour'. They kicked things off with the song 'The Bells! The Bells!!' that had the crowd moving and jumping around.

During one of their songs, the lead singer Steven Battelle, made everyone watching the bands performance to move back slightly, he jumped off stage and over the barrier with his guitar and played along to the rest of the song, right in front of the growing crowd. This was a great way to interact with fans and get everyone warmed and pumped up for the main performance of the night.

Photo Of LostAlone © Copyright Jazza WallaceThe band ended their set with the song 'Love Will Eat You Alive' that got everyone moving one last time before The Blackout took to the stage.

I rate Lost Alone 3/5 because of their interaction with the crowd and watching the crowd dance along with the lead singer Steven, when he was off stage with his guitar was really entertaining.

After the band having to cancel a number of UK shows in late 2013 because of vocalist, Gavin Butler suffering from a recurrence of a hemiplegic migraine, The Blackout were back for their 'Final Party Tour Photo Of The Blackout © Copyright Jazza Wallace(Take 2)' and they were better than ever! The Welsh Band kicked things off with the song 'I'm a Riot? You're a fucking Riot' and exploded on stage. Before vocalist, Sean Smith started to sing he was already in the crowd, dancing and moshing away with fans to the song. Sean let a number of people in the crowd sing along with him through his mic, he was in the crowd for about 3 or 4 songs whilst crazed fans ran circles around him dancing like no one was watching. The atmosphere of the room seemed to change, almost as if it was an actual party and not just any gig, so i guess the band really did 'Start The Party'.

Photo Of The Blackout © Copyright Jazza WallaceBefore long, Sean was back on stage with the other band members that were still exploding with energy. During one of their songs, as there was a lot of empty room in the venue, the band decided to make the crowd run to the back of the room and told them to crawl on their hands and knees back to the stage once Sean said go and once the song kicked in. (as you can see in the video below.) By seeing this you know the band have dedicated fans that do every word they tell them at one of their shows.

Photo Of The Blackout © Copyright Jazza WallaceUsually at the bands shows, during their song 'Save yourselves' the band make the crowd kneel down until the song kicks in, once it does they jump up from their knees and go crazy, but this time was different, as soon as that part of the song played, the crowd automatically knelt down without the band having to tell them to do so. By them doing this you could tell that nearly all the people there had been to one of the bands concerts before.

The Blackout ended once again an amazing performance with the song 'Start the Party' from their latest album and gave the crowd one last chance to party hard. I rate this show 5/5 purely because of how much the band spend Touring and interacting with the crowd and their fans.

Lostalone 3/5
The Blackout 5/5

The Blackout - Video

Review, Photos And Video By Jazza Wallace

 The Blackout

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