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Soil, Viza
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
25th January 2014

Skindred                         Soil                           Viza

Viza put on what can only be described as a different sort of show than one would expect to see at this kind of gig. So many people on the stage and don’t get me wrong the music was catchy enough but in terms of showmanship and on stage presence they didn’t really have much to offer this majority metal crowd, not much energy there so I really wasn’t excited. Musically there was no problem at all it was all just in terms of showmanship we were not impressed.

SOiL will be SOiL, they never change they remain consistently good on that stage, solid setlist compromising of more old than new and a cover of “Black Betty” that went down an absolute treat. Their previous frontman I felt was a more energetic showman but that doesn’t make him better than Ryan McCombs who is more of a laid back vocal showman; he uses humour as his main attribute to really rile a crowd up which works phenomenally but at time can backfire when he doesn’t raise his voice and at times causes me to miss some of the obvious intended humour which is met to silence.

Skindred as per usual blew everyone away with their theatrical brand of stage performing; it just encompassed everything a show could ever need and more! An epic 17 song set list not including the little bits and pieces scattered in between; an entrance to both AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” and the Imperial March mash up was definitely started as they intended to go on, mashing up the chart music as interludes to their songs, splicing Metallica’s “Sad But True” into “Trouble”, “Toxicity” by System of a Down slotted in just before night closer “Warning”. Never a dull moment with this band there energy is nigh on unparalleled by and band globally let alone in the UK, minimal yet effective stage props and a few costume changes are all they need because their music and Benji Webbe’s charisma are the really attractions to each Skindred show.

Viza – 3/5
SOiL – 4/5
Skindred – 5/5

Review By James Webb


Benji Webbe
Mikey Demus
Dan Pugsley
Arya Goggin


Ryan McCombs
Adam Zadel
Tim King


Orbel Babayan
Shant Bismejian
Andrew Kzirian
Alex Khatcherian
Chris Daniel

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