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Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip
Birmingham, Institute
25th January 2014

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip         Itch

Photo Of Itch © Copyright Claire WhelptonTonight is my first gig of the year and it’s something different than what I usually cover, tonight I’ve got some hip-hop and dub step. I come into an already bustling crowd, full of similar aged fans (which makes a change to the gigs I normally cover) to catch the end of Sarah Williams White Set, she sounds good despite the poor sound quality, and reminds me of Imogen Heap, melodic vocals and bassy samples. The bustling room might be to do with the tweet tonight’s main artist put out earlier today, as he told fans to get down early as he'd be signing merch at the merch desk as he can’t hang around after the gig, and to his credit he’s there in the lobbey causing huge queues and Photo Of Itch © Copyright Claire Whelptonexcitement as people wait to meet him, this should be done more artists as I find allot of people miss the great support bands as they’re just interested in the main act, this way they can get down early meet the main act and still check out some new music.

ITCH, the former King Blues singer, takes to the stage in darkness, and you only knew he was there because he shouts "are we fucking ready to do this Birmingham!" and jumps straight into his first song Ricochet which is bass heavy and dance sample filled, as he raps at 100 miles an hour over the killer beats. The lights come up and show him in a suit with a cap with one fellow performer playing samples on his keyboard in a really freaky crying baby mask that takes a few looks to see if it’s a mask or not! This shows that ITCH is versatile as he’s Photo Of Itch © Copyright Claire Whelptonbeing touring a few different circuits, he’s done the punk and ska shows and now he’s onto the hip hop, at the other shows he has a band and live backing vocals whereas tonight it’s all samples, which for me takes the shine away from his performance as the quality is much the same as the first act(which isn’t his fault) but that typical band set up distances me from his music, and even though he bursts into hopeless romantic featuring Adam Lazaera of Taking Back Sunday, the room isn't really taking to him. Don’t get me wrong he’s a talented guy and his songs sound great recorded it’s just not coming across here. He continues his short set with Poetry, Drugs, and Children of the Revolution. He gets the crowd more on his side by singing a song in the middle of them, but this crowd are never going to be crazy mosh pit types it’s a drink and bob you’re head show. It’s a good effort, but I think he needs to stick to the crazy full band style gigs.

Photo Of Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip © Copyright James DalyDan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip is the main act tonight and again they come out to darkness, with Dan almost tripping over a table filled with water and wine as he makes his was over to the his keyboard/sampler set up, where he stays for the rest of the gig. The beats start, and the sound has clearly been saved for the main act with the bass rumbling through everyone’s bones as the dub step style noises drop from the huge speakers. As the music starts the lights do too, with a huge lighting rig behind the stage erupting with color and movement along to the rhythms, which looks great, but for some reasons stops when Scroobious Pip walks out rapping away, it darkens to just backing light making him a Photo Of Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip © Copyright James Dalysilhouette, which is mainly how the lighting stays, throughout the show, darkness when pip sings and lights when beats get played, to me this seems a waste as you want to see how singing/rapping to you, why go and then distance yourself from the stage? But the crowd don’t seem bothered, as they sing along to every word, its strange how a crowd that’s been so quiet all night has woken up for the main act, they’re jumping around and singing along. Pip involves the crowd by talking to them in-between songs he tells them “this is for, the security doing a great job giving out water, don't give them any more work to do as they're lovely” and “this might be the most we've played to all tour, and your already rowdy, it normally takes a while for everyone to crazy, but you’re doing us proud Photo Of Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip © Copyright James DalyBirmingham”. The set list includes, Stunner, The Beat That My Hear Skipped, Sick Tonight, Look for the Woman and Coauliflower in which they get Sarah Williams White to join them on stage for some beautiful backing harmonies. They then continue the set by saying “we had a new album out recently, with some slower songs that went down allot better than we expected. So were gonna play a few of them if that's ok, as normally we wouldn't live, but here goes” as he takes his hat off and pulls his hood up and the lights die to just dark back lighting so again you can't see anyone on stage. The rest of the set continues with fast and slow songs, including Angles, Night bus Sleepers, Photo Of Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip © Copyright James DalyGold Teeth, Get Better, You Will See Me Thou Shalt Always Kill, they also get Itch up at one point to sing Stiff Upper Lip. They come back on stage for an encore of A Letter From God To Man before ending with Dan performing a cover of The Prodigy’s Voodoo People as the crowd sings along.

Overall tonights been a weird one, it started with a ITCH performance that could have been better at a different gig, but with everything taken into account it was a good set with allot of effort and versatility, then Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip came and woke the crowd up showing why they’re big enough to sell out a venue like this, but at the same time I felt like I wasn’t getting it half way through they’re set, which was just me as the rest of the crowd loved it, I suppose that’s what happens when you check out different styles of music than you’re used to, you might not get it, and I didn’t, I doubt I’d check Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobious Pip out again, but I’ll definitely see ITCH with a band and keep an eye out for Sarah Williams White.

ITCH 2.5/5
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobious Pip 3/5

Review By James Daly
Itch Photos By: Claire Whelpton
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip Photos By: James Daly

 Dan Le Sac Vs ScroobiusPip

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