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Black Veil Brides
Heaven's Basement
Bristol, Academy
15th December 2013

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Photo Of Heaven's Basement © Copyright TriggerTonight I headed down to the Academy in Bristol to catch the Black Veil Brides headline the sold out venue with Heaven’s Basement in support, I arrived into Bristol around 5pm and the queue outside the venue was massive spanning right up the hill and around the corner with hundreds of fans dressed in black with their war paint on waiting patiently for the doors to open so they could find their viewing space for the night ahead.

Photo Of Heaven's Basement © Copyright TriggerOver the years at Alternative Vision we have been very supportive of Heaven’s Basement and tonight they played such an explosive 40minute set that I would imagine the majority of the people in the venue walked away as newly turned Heaven’s Basement fans.

The band blasted right into ‘Welcome Home’ which happens to be the opening track from their debut album Filthy Empire and also happens to be one of the most solid sounding fast paced tracks I have heard all year and as soon as Heaven’s Basement kicked off with it they had the crowd on their side as front man Aaron Buchanan spent the whole song Photo Of Heaven's Basement © Copyright Triggercharging around and moving his hands like a possessed man, the energy he was letting out was outstanding and this kept up for the whole of the bands 8 song set, whilst the rest of the band equally put on an impressive performance with drummer Chris Rivers giving his kit a beating with ease and guitarist Sid Glover and bassiest Rob Ellershaw charging across the full length of the stage with Glover showing off every now and again laying down some riffs with his guitar positioned behind his head.

Photo Of Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerThrough their set Heaven’s Basement played the likes of ‘Can’t Let Go’, ‘Fire, Fire’, ‘I Am Electric’, ‘Heartbreaking Son Of A Bitch’ and closed the set with their album closer ‘Executioner’s Day’ and throughout each and every one of these tracks both the band and the crowd let off a lot of the energy as the band were unleashing the rock on stage whilst the crowd was bopping away and singing along pretty much word for word with their horns in the air.

Photo Of Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerWithin minutes of Heaven’s Basement leaving the stage there were extremely loud chants of “BVB” as the whole venue started chanting for their heroes to take to the stage, the chants would die down after a couple of minutes and restart up shortly after and this was the routine for the whole 30minute break between the two bands and as soon as the lights dimmed for the Black Veil Brides to take to the stage the screams from the fans was ear piercingly painful.

Photo Of Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerAs soon as the Black Veil Brides took to the stage they kicked off with a triple whammy of songs from their most recent album Wretched And Divine with ‘Shadows Die’, ‘I Am Bulletproof’ and ‘Wretched And Divine’ being the three songs and straight away I noticed that in the eleven months since they last toured the UK their whole stage presence and energy has improved majorly and that is not to say that the band put on a poor show before as tonight was the sixth time I have seen the Black Veil Brides live and each and every time I have walked away impressed but tonight things felt that little bit more special as Photo Of Black Veil Brides © Copyright Triggerthe band had a big platform at the front of the stage where Jake Pitts, Ashley Purdy and Jinxx spent the majority of the show charging across whilst laying down some amazingly technical riffs and beefy basslines whilst front man Andy Biersack worked the crowd up well using the platform to strike many different poses like he was a contestant on Project Runway or Americans Next Top Model, the band had also ditched the makeup tonight which shows to me that the band are ready to go off to create album number 4 where I imagine they will come back bigger, better and more mature than ever before.

Photo Of Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerThe whole of tonight’s set was full of fan favourites and it was great to see that the Black Veil Brides still class their earlier music relevant as they smashed their way through the likes of ‘Knives And Pens’ and ‘Perfect Weapon’ in a perfect way where Andy Biersack really laid down the aggressive screams just like back in the day.

As the set progressed we were treated to a cover of Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’ which seems to be a regular feature in the band’s set’s these days and it is easy to see why as the band have somehow managed to make the song sounds more exciting than the original, shortly after this we were treated to a drum solo by Christian Photo Of Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerComa and throughout the whole performance the fans were chanting “CC, CC, CC” in appreciation to him, and I have to say the solo he preformed tonight was outstanding and a had a good variety with a bit of dance music thrown in for good measures with Christian Coma pretty much dancing on top of his kit.

The set came to an end with ‘Nobody’s Hero’ and was shortly followed up with an encore of ‘Fallen Angles’ and ‘In The End’ which finished the show in a massive sing-a-long way.

Photo Of Black Veil Brides © Copyright TriggerOverall tonight’s show was a perfect end to a massive year of gigging for us at Alternative Vision as Heaven’s Basement were on top form and are easily going to have an even more successful year next year and the Black Veil Brides proved that after years of being a band they are ready to take things to the next level and I am sure that whenever album number 4 drops the Black Veil Brides will be back and ready to conquer bigger venues as let’s face it they have the fan base for it as these shows sold out many months in advanced and anyone who failed to get tickets really missed out as tonight’s show really showed the Black Veil Brides at the top of their game in front of such a dedicated following.

Heaven’s Basement 5/5
Black Veil Brides 5/5

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 Black Veil Brides

Andy Biersack
Jake Pitts
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Christian "CC" Coma

 Heaven's Basement

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