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Papa Roach
Birmingham, Academy
3rd December 2013

Papa Roach

Photo Of Papa Roach © Copyright James DalyWell it’s that time of year, the weather is getting colder the nights are getting darker and it’s not far till Christmas, but tonight we have the amazing Papa Roach here in Birmingham so they’re bringing an early Christmas present to this sold out venue in the form of great music and a killer gig.
Papa Roach have been going for 20 years now, with their first mainstream success hitting way back in 2000 so that’s allot of time spent together which means one of two things, the band have grown apart not really having any chemistry with the same old rebranded songs, or they’re closer than ever with an ever evolving sound and a stage presence that will blow you away. Papa Roach, I’m glad to say, is the later.

The stage is dark and quite bear with just some lights shining up from the floor to illuminate the big logo on the back on the stage, there’s no ramps, there’s no pyros there’s just a empty stage with a drum kit on an elevated platform so everyone can see and this stage set up, is the beauty of Papa Roach, they’re simple, to the point and don’t need anything fancy to make them stand out as they do it with their music. The band take to the stage to huge cheers from a venue full to the brim, and they blast straight into Burn, which is what they do to the venue as the heat throughout the gig gets really unbearable as the room starts to sweat from all the moving body’s.

Photo Of Papa Roach © Copyright James DalyPapa Roach sound amazingly fresh, with the audio being crystal clear as the simple rock and roll set up of 1 guitar, 1 drum, 1 bass and 1 vocalist fills every inch of this venue with powerful nu-metal which doesn’t feel as old as it is. The drums beat with energy and power as the bass rumbles and the guitar riffs with force all making great rhythms for Jacoby Shaddix to sing along, with his huge vocal range and occasional rapping styles that make Papa Roach the stand out band that they are. They continue they’re setlist with a new song Silence Is The Enemy before announcing that they’re going to play an old one for the long term fans and kick into the killer Blood Brothers which sounds just as good as ever. The band strut across the stage giving everyone a clear view, as Jacoby gets hotter and hotter he takes of layers of clothing, and it doesn’t take long before he’s in just his t-shirt as he Photo Of Papa Roach © Copyright James Dalymoves around the stage so fast and with so much emotion it’s easy to see why he and the crowd are so heated. They continue to play a great setlist of new and old with Give Me Back My Life, and Between Angels and Insects, after which Jacoby warns the band that the stage is slippy due to the sweat coming of him and the ceiling due to the heat of the room. They continue with Where Did the Angels Go?, Forever, Leader of the Broken Hearts and Still Swinging before announcing how the band love Birmingham and how it’s been 4 years since they last toured over here on a headline tour but tonight has made the wait worth with, with this crazy crowd and hot room this really has been the best night of the tour so far. They continue the set with a collection of fan favourites, Born With Nothing, Die With Everything, Scars, Lifeline, To Be Loved before leaving the stage of and coming back for an encore of Getting Away With Murder and Last Resort.

Photo Of Papa Roach © Copyright James DalyAs the night draws to an end, the room seems like its shaking with the pure energy and emotion coming from both the fans and on stage. It’s amazing to see how much love there is still for a band that have been going for how long they have, and it’s awesome to think that in an ever changing scene in which bands come and go, you can always depend on bands like Papa Roach to deliver a great rock show with great songs and truly awe inspiring atmosphere. The only downside to the night is the fact they didn’t play more songs, but the ones they did play where great and with 2 supports before them it’s hard to find the time for a longer setlist, plus when a stage gets so slippy that at one point Jacoby fell and hit his head, it probably wasn’t safe for a longer set, tonight at least. So in the end its great that the only downside to a gig was that the setlist didn’t go on for longer as it means there’s nothing musically for me to be down about, and that the atmosphere was ecstatic and definitely one of the best gigs I’ve been too. So when Papa Roach come back around next year with a new album and a new tour, you have no excuses not to see them, as they’re still as awesome as ever.

Papa Roach 5/5

Review By James Daly

 Papa Roach

Jacoby Shaddix
Jerry Horton
Tobin Esperance
Tony Palermo

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