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Avenged Sevenfold
Five Finger Death Punch
London, Wembley Arena
1st December 2013

Avenged Sevenfold         Five Finger Death Punch

Photo Of Five Finger Death Punch © Copyright TriggerWe arrived at Wembley Arena moments before main support Five Finger Death Punch are due to take to the stage and it is clear from the moment that we walk in that Wembley is crammed full of people waiting to be entertained by some of their favourite metal bands for a couple of hours.

Five Finger Death Punch kicked off their 10 track set in style with the explosive ‘Under And Over It’ and from the off Five Finger Death Punch look in great form on the huge stage at Wembley as they energetically thrash their way through the song whilst the crowd join forcing with the majority of the crowd air guitaring along whilst also singing word for word Photo Of Five Finger Death Punch © Copyright Triggeralong with front man Ivan Moody who is quickly becoming one of the best front men in metal these days due to his love for the fans and his unpredictable nature where each performance is different from the last.

As the set progresses the band blast their way through some heavy yet melodic songs such as ‘Burn It Down’, ‘ Hard To See’, ‘ Lift Me Up’, ‘Bad Company’, ‘Coming Down’, ‘ Burn MF’ before going on to close the set with the epic sing-a-long crowd pleaser ‘The Bleeding’ which had the majority of the crowd singing-a-long word for word whilst also holding their phones and lighters in the air swaying around under Ivan Moody’s orders.

Photo Of Five Finger Death Punch © Copyright TriggerI have seen Five Finger Death Punch on the live circuit quite a number of times now and it is safe to say that tonight was easily one of the best shows I have ever seen the band put on as they played through many of their most loved songs and they had the majority of the crowd on their side from start to finish and for the people who had come along to see Avenged Sevenfold only and had no idea who Five Finger Death Punch were, well they got a lesson in what heavy metal is all about and I am sure soon as the show they headed down to their local record shop to purchase some FFDP albums.

Photo Of Avenged Sevenfold © Copyright TriggerNow Avenged Sevenfold have been away from the UK for a little while now as the last time they graced the UK was back in 2010 when they did a co-headline tour with Stone Sour and also when they took the same show to Download festival on the same year playing just before System Of A Down on the main stage, Avenged Sevenfold are now back with their sixth studio album ‘Hail To The King’ and are back in the UK for their first ever headline Arena tour and this will be followed up next year with an headline performance on the main stage at Download Festival.

Photo Of Avenged Sevenfold © Copyright TriggerBefore Avenged Sevenfold even arrived in the UK there was talk about the big stage show they were bringing along with them and how amazing it will be so tonight there was massive expectations for Avenged Sevenfold and their stage show, as soon as the curtain dropped and the band took to the stage it was safe to say the talk about the stage show was true as right in the middle of the stage was a massive skull bat just like the bands logo or mascot shall we say and throughout the set the bat let out an extreme about of fire and this mixed with the massive lighting show and various other fire going off around the stage things seemed pretty awesome.

Photo Of Avenged Sevenfold © Copyright TriggerAvenged Sevenfold opened with ‘Shepherd Of Fire’ which also happens to be the open track from their latest album Hail To The King and I have to say it was a pretty epic opening and it had everyone staring in awe as the band truly smashed their way through the song in a heavy and energetic way and to start with it was tough on where to look as the likes of Zacky Vengeance, Synyster Gates and Johnny Christ were all over the stage unleashing some amazing instrumental work, whilst Arin Ilejay was drumming like a mad man, and M Shadows was singing away with his unique voice gracing the airwaves with perfection whilst his big tattooed muscular arms were being shown off in various different poses and whilst the band were unleashing the metal, there stage props of fire explosions and massive bangs were going off everywhere giving off such a spectacular visual display.

Photo Of Avenged Sevenfold © Copyright TriggerTonight Avenged Sevenfold were in great shape and played through their 15 track set with ease with the likes of ‘Critical Acclaim’, ‘Welcome To The Family’, ‘Hail To the King’, ‘Buried Alive’, ‘Nightmare’, ‘This Means War’, ‘Afterlife’. and a few others being blasted out to over 12,000 fans tonight and throughout the set their was not much interaction from the band but at one point M Shadows was encouraging the crowd to kick off as many circle pits as possible but in all honesty I don’t think any encouragement was needed as the crowd were on top form moshing and unleashing their energy from start to finish.

Photo Of Avenged Sevenfold © Copyright TriggerThe show came to an end with the fan favourite ‘Bat Country’, this was then followed up by a two song encore which featured ‘Chapter Four’ and ‘Unholy Confessions’ from their Waking The Fallen album and this prompted the crowd to go mosh pit crazy one final time.

Overall tonight Five Finger Death Punch were on top form and I am sure the majority of the crowd tonight are looking forward to when Five Finger death Punch head back to the UK in March for a headline tour, whilst Avenged Sevenfold put on a great show but I Photo Of Avenged Sevenfold © Copyright Triggerhave to say that towards the end their stage show started to get a bit samey which left me thinking back to how amazing their graveyard stage set up was on their last tour and also I felt that the set list was too top heavy on new songs and didn’t feature some of the classics like ‘Dear God’, ‘Beast And The Harlot’, ‘Seize The Day’ etc but then again when you are a band who has a massive back catalogue it doesn’t matter what set list you pick you are never going to play everyone’s perfect set but I do hope before Download Festival comes around Avenged Sevenfold mix up their set list a bit.

Five Finger Death Punch 5/5
Avenged Sevenfold 4/5

Review By Trigger
Photos By Robert Lawrence

 Avenged Sevenfold

M. Shadows
Synyster Gates
Zacky Vengeance
Johnny Christ
Arin Ilejay

 Five Finger Death Punch

Zoltan Bathory
Jeremy Spencer
Ivan Moody
Jason Hook
Chris Kael

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