Gig Review

Hexes, Shadows Chasing Ghosts
Coventry, Kasbah
21st November 2008

Finch                             Hexes                  Shadows Chasing Ghosts
Many of the fans here tonight, myself included, have waited years to see Finch live. When they went on a ‘hiatus’ in 2006, I feared I might never see the day, but thankfully, that all changed tonight.

Photo Of Hexes © Copyright Helen WilliamsThe Coventry Kasbah doesn’t hold good memories for me. The last time I was here, back in 2003 (when it was still known as the Colosseum), I had to be dragged out of the mosh pit when my body was nearly crushed against a barrier! Thankfully, tonight it’s much mellower. In fact, as the first support, Shadows Chasing Ghosts!, come on, the crowd is still forming, and they have to perform to a handful of fans. This doesn’t dampen their enthusiasm, though, and they deliver an energetic set, full of force, and lots and lots of screaming. While their music isn’t exactly my ‘thing’, it’s hard not to admire them.

Photo Of Finch © Copyright Helen WilliamsHexes are up next, and provide a tight collection of songs. You might recognise the lead singer and guitarist as Dan, the former bassist from ‘A’, but he’s come a long way since then, and has clearly forged his own path in the music scene. Again, there’s plenty of screaming involved, which is a perfect introduction to the style of Finch. They are a good choice of support, since they display the same angry energy that Finch do themselves.

As Finch arrive on stage, the crowd has finally matured to a respectable size, and their excitement is palpable. The smoke machine is working overtime, and we can barely see the band members through the fog, until they explode with their first song. The lead vocalist, Nate, has been ill with tonsillitis, but you’d never know it. He screams his way through the set (literally), probably ignoring any advice he’d been given by his doctor. They start with a few old classics, and mix in their newer material as the set progresses.

Photo Of Finch © Copyright Helen WilliamsThey play an exhausting set, but the crowd want more as the band exits the stage, and start to chant for their return. Not ones to disappoint, the lights are raised as Nate returns to the stage. The newer songs didn’t go down so well, so the encore is back-to-back debut album numbers. The first song is one of their few slower songs, Ender, and Nate sits alone on a speaker at the left of the stage to sing the introduction. For all his screaming, it can be easy to forget what a fantastic voice Nate has, and this truly acoustic setup lets him show off a little. Someone in the crowd even gets lighter out and starts to sway. I thought that had gone out in the nineties. Slowly, the other members of the band return one by one, in time for the climactic instrumental finish. They follow up with what is probably their most popular song, What it is to Burn, and a circle pit almost engulfs the room.

Finally, the band leaves the stage for the last time, and the audience filters out in that post-gig daze. Finch have announced they will be returning with a new album in the new year, and I for one can’t wait.

Shadows Chasing Ghosts 3/5
Hexes 4/5
Finch 5/5

Review and photos By Helen Williams


Nate Barcalow (Vocals)
Alex Linares (Guitar)
Randy Strohmeyer (Guitar)
Drew Dawggy Marcogliese (Drums)
Daniel Wonacott (Bass)



 Shadows Chasing Ghosts

Trey (Vocals)
Matt (Guitar)
Danny G (Bass)
Rich (Guitar)
Danny C (Drums)

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