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We Are The Ocean
The Maine, Fort Hope, Lightfire
Wolverhampton - Slade Rooms
15th November 2013

We Are The Ocean           The Maine                  Fort Hope            Lightfire

Photo Of Lightfire © Copyright Jude OnionsLightfire are first up tonight, a four piece alternative rock band from the local area. The band are very energised from the start, with some strong vocals and riffs alike and have certainly lit a fire with the ever growing crowd. Job well done guys!

Fort Hope are up next, a band that has risen from the ashes of My Passion. The very young crowd really enjoy the set, and the bands presence from the start. 'Earthquake' is a slower paced track but does not dampen the spirits any. Nice clear vocals, some top notch melodies, outstanding guitar playing from Simon by far, the Photo Of Fort Hope © Copyright Jude Onionsmost livliest of the band closely followed by drummer, Jamie. Last track tonight is 'Control', which picks the pace right back up up again, but not too much, there are some awesome riffs in it towards the end. Fort Hope receive a decent applause and have continued to warm us up nicely for the first of our two headliners tonight. It would be nice to see the guys on their own tour soon!

Ahhh The Maine are in the room, so many teenage girls, hey can't knock them, I used to be where they are many years ago! The Maine are a 6 piece band, quite energetic, creating a good atmosphere as the surprisingly not full Slade Rooms,( maybe due to Anberlin pulling out of the tour?),sing and bounce along to the pop punk goodness. Photo Of The Maine © Copyright Jude OnionsMid set, the band break for a bit of banter with the crowd, attempting the British accent when someone in crowd wants some water. The band gel so well together, the sound is larger than life for the most of the set, even when John takes to the keyboard for slower track 'Into your Arms' where the crowd are very much in unison for the chorus. Another brief banter break to discuss buttholes, and feeling more comfortable around girls if they are thought to have really bad runs, leading nicely into latest track 'Love and Drugs'. 'Girls do What They Want' sees crowd member Tom, invited up to stage to sing the chorus. 'Beast of Burden' by The Rolling Stones is played as Photo Of We Are The Ocean © Copyright Jude OnionsJohn advises us to leave social networking sites, to drink some milk, make the most of your life etc and say Thank you to the crowd, before taking things down a notch with final track tonight, 'Misery'. Can't say I have heard a bad track from these pleasant lads with a rock n roll edge tonight.

Sadly, the crowd has suddenly become quite thin, as We Are The Ocean enter the stage I can only put it down to the last minute switch to step in for Anberlin? After seeing the lads earlier this year at the Slam Dunk festival, it's nice to see them in a more intimate setting, although these lads are true professionals and play to the room like it's their biggest gig to date still. Kicking the set off with 'Trouble Is Temporary, Time Is Tonic' and followed up with a Photo Of We Are The Ocean © Copyright Jude Onionsgood varied mix of old and new tracks, 'Confessions', 'Waiting Room', and 'Machine' all go down a storm with the smaller crowd that stands before them. 'Chin up Son' is a sweet acoustic break in the set with Liam solo on stage, and the house lights up accompanied by the singing few. 'Waiting Room' and 'Young Heart' are two fantastic set closers, ending the evening on a high note, just as it started off. A flawless performance with true showmanship from We Are The Ocean tonight

Lightfire 2.5/5
Fort Hope 3/5
The Maine 4/5
We Are The Ocean 5/5

Review By Jude Onions

 We Are The Ocean

Liam Cromby
Jack Spence
Alfie Scully
Tom Whittaker

 The Maine

John O'Callaghan
Garrett Nickelsen
Pat Kirch
Kennedy Brock
Jared Monaco

 Fort Hope

Jon Gaskin
Andé D'Mello
Simon Rowlands
Jamie Nicholls


Rich W

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