Gig Review

Yeovil, The 94 Club
23rd November 2013


As the crowd move from Bar to Stage, its clear the time has come for Apherium to rock The 94 Club in Yeovil, and with it, drunken dancing ensues.

The band open their set with ‘New Light’ and ‘Uphold Me’, both showing the amazing talent this band has to offer. Many songs from the band’s first Album ‘The Cycle’ including ’The Legend’, ‘You’ll Get Far’ and Fragments of Fate’ go down really well with the audience. And why wouldn’t they? With Ashley Jones’ impressive skill on Drums, Callum Shortland rocking the Bass Guitar, Ross Derby’s face melting Guitar solos and Larry Turners extremely talented vocals, there’s very little to dislike!

The last two songs of tonight’s performance ‘Things to Say’ and ‘Shadows’ (The band’s latest Single, released April 2013) received the biggest reaction, sending the head banging crowd into a frenzy! With the chant ‘We want more!’ forcing Apherium back on stage for an encore! As the streets get flooded with Air Guitars I’m able to catch Apherium for a short Interview.

This may be the first time you’ve heard of Apherium but it certainly won’t be the last!

Apherium 5/5

Review By Mark Lang


Larry Turner
Ross Derby
Callum Shortland
Ashley Jones

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