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Black Star Riders
The Dead Daises
Bristol, Academy
24th November 2013

Black Star Riders       The Dead Daises

Photo Of The Dead Daises © Copyright TriggerTonight the stage at the Academy hosted a superstar line up of rock gods as The Black Star Riders brought their headline show to the city with The Dead Daises in support.

As I walked through the door of the venue The Dead Daises took to the stage, a band who I have heard of lot of over the past couple of months due to the release of their debut single ‘Lock N Load’ which features Slash as a special guest and more recently because of their stunning self titled debut album which has just been released.

Photo Of The Dead Daises © Copyright TriggerThe crowd tonight were in for a big treat with The Dead Daises as the band is made up of super talented musicians who have all played in well established bands over the years with the likes of Jon Stevens (Noiseworks/INXS), Brian Tichy (Whitesnake), Richard Fortus (Guns 'N' Roses), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy), David Lowy (Mink/The Angels), and Dizzy Reed (Guns 'N' Roses) gracing the stage and putting on one hell of a show.

Photo Of The Dead Daises © Copyright TriggerDuring their 45 minute set The Dead Daises wasted no time in getting down to business and smashed their way through a 10 track set which featured the likes of ‘It’s Gonna Take Time’, ‘ Evil’, ‘ Washington’, ‘Fly’, ‘Your Karma’, ‘Face I Love’ and their debut single ‘Lock ‘N’ Load’ where guitarist Richard Fortus really showed off his skill executing those orginal slash riffs to perfection.

Photo Of Black Star Riders © Copyright TriggerFor the majority of the show my eyes were fixed on vocalist Jon Stevens and guitarist Richard Fortus as the stage presence from these two was so good with Jon Stevens vocals changing from rock to soul with ease throughout the different songs played and at time’s Jon Stevens even found time to sit down and chill whilst the rest of the band went all out with their instrumental work which brings me to the talented Richard Fortus who really took control tonight with his energetic ways and movement like a collection of Mexican jumping beans had just been let off.

Photo Of Black Star Riders © Copyright TriggerThe Dead Daises are a great band and have just started what could be a fantastic ride and I am sure after tonights performance they have gained a lot of new fans.

Over the past few years Scott Gorham and Ricky Warwick have been touring relentlessly across the world under the Thin Lizzy name with various different line up’s playing what feels like 100’s of sold out shows, the band then started work on new material but back in December 2012 embarked on a farewell tour as Thin Lizzy and remerged days later as The Black Star Riders and the reason behind this change was out of respect for the late Thin Lizzy vocalist Phil Lynott where the band were eager to get new material released but not under the Thin Lizzy name without Phil Lynott.

Photo Of Black Star Riders © Copyright TriggerSince forming The Black Star Riders the band have gone on to play Hard Rock Hell Festival, Download festival and various shows across mainland Europe before heading back to the UK in November for their ‘All Hell Breaks Lose’ UK tour and tonight they rolled into Bristol for the third show of the UK leg and my god they were charged up and ready to go tonight.

The whole stage was plastered with Black Star Riders banners with an old skool war plane theme with pin up girls plastered everywhere and as soon as The Black Star Riders took to the stage they blasted into ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ in really big and fierce way as the band went all out with outstanding guitar solos, forceful yet catchy vocals and Damon Johnson and Scott Gorham really running the show with their infectious dual guitar work with a big Celtic feel.

Photo Of Black Star Riders © Copyright TriggerThe set that The Black Star Riders played tonight was outstanding as they managed to play the majority of songs from their debut album ‘All Hell Breaks’ lose whilst also finding room to fit in 10 classic Thin Lizzy tracks and the way the tracks were mixed up was great as the crowd would be treated to a couple of back to back Black Star Riders tracks which would then be followed up by a classic Thin Lizzy track played slightly heavier than ever before.

Photo Of Black Star Riders © Copyright TriggerThe likes of ‘Bad Reputation’, ‘Hey Judas’, ‘Kingdom Of The Lost’, ‘Valley Of The Stones’ and ‘Jailbreak’ really got the crowd excited tonight but it was’Bound For Glory’ and ‘The Boys Are Back In Town which really got the crowd moving and singing along and not to forget the double header encore of ‘Whiskey In The Jar’ and ‘Rosaline’ which proved that despite the name change the Thin Lizzy songs will always be a big part of The Black Star Riders.

The venue was rammed tonight with an extremely mature looking crowd and it was safe to say that everyone left the venue with a feeling like they got there monies worth and more as the Black Star Riders played songs from their debut as well as classic Thin Lizzy songs whilst also maintaining a strong stage presence, and I personally can't wait to see them live again.

The Dead Daises 4/5
Black Star Riders 5/5

Review By Trigger

 Black Star Riders

Ricky Warwick
Scott Gorham
Damon Johnson
Marco Mendoza
Jimmy DeGrasso

 The Dead Daises

Jon Stevens
Charley Drayton
Richard Fortus
Darryl Jones
David Lowy
Dizzy Reed

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