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Future Of The Left
Birmingham, Institute The Temple
9th November 2013

Future Of The Left            

Tonight is a cold wet night in Birmingham, It doesn’t feel like winter but more of a cold april but across town the festivities are starting with the Christmas lights being switched on, meaning that getting anywhere in Birmingham is a pain in the arse, but over in Digbeth we have some lights of our own, they may not be a magnitude of colours but the few bulbs that are lighting up the stage at the temple are enough to illuminate tonight’s band…

Future Of The Left, are a band from sunny South Wales, they were born out of noise rock band Mclusky when they split in 2005, they’ve gone on to have cult status, and have slowly picked up more momentum on the way with the release of 4 studio albums with the latest “How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident” being released a few weeks ago after a pledge music campaign which saw them reach they’re target in just 6 hours. They’re now playing to a bustling room of around 300 people tonight all eager to see and hear this unique band play and I’m sure the next time they come around they’ll be playing bigger venues. But that’s enough about the band, this is a live review not a biography. They band slowly come out from the darkness onto the dimly lit stage and stand there in silence, the start the almost haunting tones of the intro to Arming Eritea before singer Falco screams into the lyrics “Come on Rick, I’m not a prize, I’m not a cynic or one of those guys” and the tone changes to fast dirty punk rock, with grungy noisy overtones. The drums click in the background before smashing into the high hats over the pacey scales of the guitar and slimy bass. The sound is unique, it’s beautiful its Future Of The Left.

They wrap up the song and burst straight into Small Bones Small Bodies a song that plods along with the occasional harmonie and guitar solo before building up to the final crescendo of instruments and chants of “Grow into your body happily”. They continue with a track of their latest album Bread, Cheese, Bow and Arrow which is so grimy and dirty it sends shivers through you as its screeches along. They continue to play a mixture of all 4 albums including Future Child Embarrassment Matrix, Beneath The Waves An Ocean, Manchasm and You Need Satan More Than He Needs You. In between songs Falco occasionally talks to the crowd about what the next song is about, spouting little rants and jokes with the crowd that if you were to walk in not knowing what was happening you might think it was a political rally, as Future Of The Left is a band that likes what they like and they dislike all this bravado and fakery that surrounds most bands and life in general. They pause for a moment and they blast into a Mclusky cover of To Hell With Good Intentions that is sped up and brings the room crashing down around everyone as Falco screams “My love is bigger than your love, we take more drugs than a touring funk band”, they continue their onslaught with How To Spot A Record Company, Robocop 4 – Fuck Off Robocop which sounds more like a math rock song than anything else in the set but it’s this unpredictability which makes Future Of The Left stand out. The gig descends into madness with the drummer coming into the crowd and bringing along a peperoni as a drum stick, the crowd all gather round and the band continue to play the rest of the set with everyone getting back onstage, they wrap things up with; I Don’t Know What You Ketamine(But I Think I Love You), Things to Say to Friendly Policement, adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood, going into a final medly of Lapsed Catholics Mclusky’s Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues and all being tied together with some tones of whams Club Tropicana, the room explodes and everyone leaves on a high.

Future Of The Left are one of the best bands around, they’re unique, they’re wonderful and they’ll rock you to pieces. So check them out on their remaining dates on this tour or when they come back next year as you’ll love it, no matter if you love rock, punk grunge or metal there’s something here for everyone.

Future Of The Left 5/5

Review By James Daly

 Future Of The Left

Andrew Falkous
Jack Egglestone
Jimmy Watkins
Julia Ruzicka

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