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Photo Of Gary Go © Copyright Scott ColeThe Feeling
Gary Go
Swindon, Oasis
8th November 2008

The Feeling                   Gary Go
You wanna go to Swindon on a rainy Saturday night? Well, actually, yes... tonight I want to! Why? To finally catch The Feeling, who've been milling about on my iPod for a couple of years with their 'MOR'eish sound.

Tonight's bill also included Gary Go, who has been touring the festival circuit, as well as being support for The Fratellis and The Script, so I was looking forward to a decent all round evening.

The first thing that struck me was the age and genre of The Feeling's fanbase. Sitting in the car before the gig it was a little difficult to make out the type of people who have obviously waited a long time in the queue (in the pouring rain). I thought it was odd that everyone making their way past the car seemed to be 'Next' style couples, and not the normal merch decked teens I'd expect at a gig like this.

Inside there were already a substantial throng of fans drying out. There was a tight core of hyped up youngsters at the stage front, and I start to get a feeling this is going to be a fun gig when they cheer loudly every time a roadie pops up on stage!

Photo Of Gary Go © Copyright Scott ColeFirst up, Gary Go and his band. Gary himself reminded me of a Buddy Holly/scrubbed up Morrissey style character, with a nicely coordinated band to back him up. They went straight into the first song of their set with no intro. They have a good solid radio pop sound, but seem to lack 'live energy'. Between sounds he did interact well with the crowd, asking for a glow stick count a couple of times.

'So so', one of the songs from their set was another soothing pop song, but the title kind of sums their live act up so well. They're not a bad band, far from it and between songs they do spend a fair bit of time chatting and rousing the audience, but I think if they want to shift up a gear from warm up to something more they're going to have to get a bit of spark and inspiration from somewhere.

After their set a large white curtain was put up in front of the stage. I did think it may to to protect the roadies from their fans, but it was actually there for The Feelings Intro to their set... a pretty cool video they've put together using fan footage sent to them. Once the montage (which included a rather cute line up of kids singing track snippets) The Feeling launch into 'Thought It Was Over'.

The curtain stayed up until around about half way through the song, making them look like giant shadow puppets. It was only when their singer Dan apologised for the curtain hitch later I realised it was accidental! Good effect anyway guys!!

Photo Of The Feeling © Copyright Scott ColeNext up was 'Fill My Little World', a song that got all the crowd well and truly fired up. It was quite good to watch the audience reactions changing through the night. A fair amount of the audience was made up of guys who had obviously been dragged along by their significant others. For the first couple of songs they were definitely more interested in the contents of their pints, but as the night went on you could literally see them being transformed into loyal Feeling followers!!

Why?... well as a band The Feeling have an amazing rapport with their crowd. Ok, there was a panto moment during 'Never Be Lonely' where Dan split the room into two teams and got everyone chanting along, but in general The Feeling are an entertaining, interactive group!! It was great to see the capacity crowd all going 'c-c-c-crazy'.

'Don't Make Me Sad', from their second album (Join With Us) was a highligh for me... their backdrop included videos of burlesque dancers which seemed to make the tune come to life more. Dan's introduction to 'Rose' highlighted their love of alcohol, a theme carried through to 'Truth Comes Out'.

Photo Of The Feeling © Copyright Scott Cole'Miss You' changed the pace a little, and allowed the singer time to get his breath back. The lights down/disco ball effect again added to the song... mind you, the line when he mentions he's had a drink did rouse a fair few giggles from both him and the majority of the crowd!!

'Helicopter' has to go down as the highlight of the night for me. During the song Dan decides to do a stage dive, and is then carried by the crowd all the way back to the sound desk at the rear of the venue!! Ok, maybe he's done this on every night of the tour, but it doesn't stop it from being a thrill to be part of!! Then for the next song the lights are off on stage and he's handed a guitar at the sound desk, giving the fans at the back an unexpected turn at being up close for one song!

I could quite happily write for hours and hours about just this one gig. There were so many moments if I was to pick them all out I'd be into the realms of writing War and Peace (an Aha cover 'Take On Me' and 'Video Killed The Radio Star' by the Buggles, the marching band start for 'We Can Dance'). The Feeling are a band that are made for live gigs... I've always thought they have a good sound, but after a live experience I can honestly say they're one of the best bands I've seen live this year!!

The Join With Us tour is a slick, well put together tour that shows The Feeling are not just a three minute pop act... I've a feeling I'll be seeing them again.

The Feeling 5/5
Gary Go 2/5

Review By Allie Brock
Photos By Scott Cole

 The Feeling

Dan Gillespie Sells
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 Gary Go

Gary Go (vocals, guitar)

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