Gig Review

Sonic Boom Six, Shatter Effect
Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
31st October 2013

Hadouken!                     Sonic Boom Six                   Shatter Effect

Photo Of Shatter Effect © Copyright Jude OnionsIt's Halloween and there are plenty of bodies here at The Slade Rooms tonight,it's certainly no graveyard and we are no doubt in for a few tricks with the lights and treats with the sounds.

First band to take to the altar(stage)tonight are local band, Shatter Effect. With a heady mix of strong vocals from leading lady Bex and some superb, clean and precise sounds from the rest of the band, 'Make Me Hate You' is a real stomper and stand out track. The small crowd gathered currently, offer a good applause at the end of Shatter Effect's short set, which is well deserved.

Photo Of Sonic Boom Six © Copyright Jude OnionsSonic Boom Six receive an enormous welcome from the ever-growing crowd. Kicking off with 'Karma Is A Bitch' then quickly followed by 'The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Inventions'. The interaction from 'Barney' and Laila with the crowd is great and the whole band on-stage are by far one of the most energetic I've seen, using every last inch of the space available to them. The room is getting much fuller now as 'Virus' gets the walls shaking along with 'Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!'and 'The High Cost Of Living'. Sonic Boom Six keep us on our toes with latest track 'Drop The Bass', while 'Piggy In The Middle',sees a small pit starting to form in the crowd, with Laila up on the barrier encouraging a little more interaction before taking it down a notch for 'Let's Push Things Forward'( The Streets cover.).

Photo Of Hadouken! © Copyright Jude OnionsFinishing up this high-energy set with 'For The Kids Of The Multiculture' the crowd bounce and sing along, with the added solo mow-hawked crowd surfer making an appearance. Overall a great band to see live and a tough act to follow this evening.

Hadouken! seem a bit slow to get going tonight,the energy just isn't there which is somewhat different to last time they were here in April 2012 ,nevertheless the crowd don't appear fazed by it as they happily bounce along to 'Vortex' and 'M.A.D' before slowing the pace just a little with 'Oxygen'. Heading towards the mid set and Photo Of Shatter Effect © Copyright Jude OnionsHadouken! have found their energy again as the room erupts to 'Get Smashed Gate Crash', 'Mecha Love' and the awesome 'House Is Falling'. The light display this evening is quite something, with a mix of lasers and strobes that come as standard with a Hadouken! gig (venue permitting of course!) and indeed helps with creating a mini sauna, it's so darn hot in here! We see no let up as epic tracks such as 'As one', 'Mic Check', 'Bad Signal', 'Bliss Out','That Boy That Girl' and 'Bombshock' shake the Slade Rooms to it's very core.

Photo Of Shatter Effect © Copyright Jude OnionsNow, seeing as it is Halloween the band have very kindly set up a little competition for best fancy dress outfit, the winners receive free merch, after they are invited up on the stage for a few minutes in the spotlight which is really quite cool and no doubt like a prize in itself!. As we head towards the end of the evening, James requests the crowd to "Start the moshing machine", power cycling through 'Rebirth', 'Turn The Lights Out,'Daylight','Parasite' and 'Levitate' with a couple of remixes thrown in the spin.

Great atmosphere tonight, and a sweaty gig enjoyed by all.

Shatter Effect 2/5
Sonic boom Six 5/5
Hadouken! 5/5

Review By Jude Onions


James Smith
Alice Spooner
Daniel "Pilau" Rice
Christopher Purcell
Nick Rice

 Sonic Boom Six

Laila K
Barney Boom
Nick "The Blade" Horne
James T Boom
Neil 'Madfish' McMinn

 Shatter Effect

Rebecca Davies
Robin Davies
Ricky Hill
Edd Duffell

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