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Vista Chino
Monster Truck
Birmingham, Institute
31st October 2013

Vista Chino                      Monster Truck             

Photo Of Monster Truck © Copyright Robetr LawrenceSo it's 'All Hallows' eve again and it's going to be a quiet one tonight, not too many tickets sold, and a name change to the headliners probably,(Kyuss lives to Vista Chino), hasn't helped with ticket sales much.

First up tonight, an hour after the doors open I might add, are Monster Truck, they are a 4 piece rock band from Canada. They are a pretty decent straight up rock band, plenty of riffs and catchy ones at that, it's no frills but in a good way with a touch of 70's about them and they are well appreciated by this small crowd tonight, with plenty of applause and the odd shout of approval. There doesn't seem to be any bullshit out the sound or what they are Photo Of Monster Truck © Copyright Robetr Lawrencetrying to convey, as they blast through songs such as 'Old Train', 'The Lion', 'Power of The People' , 'Boogie' and 'Space nebula'. I'm sure they would have happily complimented Black Sabbath or Deep Purple on tour back in the day but you can certainly hear the influences of the bands of that era in their sound.

They close out the set, which fly's by I might add with 'Sworded Beast' and rather groovy 'Call it a Spade' top songs they are to close out this solid set, if this band keep doing what they are doing, they'll do alright for themselves.

Photo Of Vista Chino © Copyright Robetr LawrenceI'm quite pleased to see this band again, Vista Chino or Kyuss(lives) for me it should just be Kyuss, as last time I saw them, they were fantastic and they were one of the gigs of the year for me.

John Garcia looks a bit different than the last time I spoke to him, must be his hair. Anyway, they open with a song off the new album called 'Adara', it's non too shabby, it's defiantly them and they haven't deviated from the formula, it's got a nice dirty/fuzzy sound, this is followed up swiftly by 'One Inch Man', sneaking a classic in there right away.

Photo Of Vista Chino © Copyright Robetr LawrenceThe set has plenty of new material in it, as they alternate tracks old Kyuss stuff and stuff from the new album, which makes up about half of their set and it's gone down exceedingly well with the crowd as they blast out the likes of 'Dargona Dragona', 'Sweet Remain', 'As You Wish', then in between these tracks you have classics 'Hurricane', 'Gardenia' and 'Asteroid'.

Then one of my favourites and probably most of the crowds, 'Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop', it's such a great tune. 'Dark and Lonely' is the last song from the new album in the set which is followed by a trio of Kyuss songs, 'The Superb Thumb', Green Machine and main set closer, Freedom Run'. John sound is on good form tonight, not a whole lot of talking, the music is the focus as it Photo Of Vista Chino © Copyright Robetr Lawrenceshould be, the sound is spot on plenty of fuzz and it is very bass heavy, the set ebbs and flows and is well structured, if you're not too familiar with the new stuff the classic stuff will keep you entertained and I think the crowd have certainly got their monies worth this evening.

After a quick break, they open the encore with 'Planets 1 & 2'a great song that one, then it's swiftly followed by 'Whitewater' which feeds into 'Odyssey'.The newer material compliments the old stuff quite nicely to make a balanced and superb set with the crowd loving every dirty heavy minute of it. It has been a pleasure to watch this band again and a fine way to spend an autumn night. 4.5/5

Monster Truck 3.5/5
Vista Chino 4.5/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Vista Chino

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 Monster Truck


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