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The Quireboys
Bristol, Academy

6th October 2013

The Quireboys                            

Photo Of The Quireboys © Copyright TriggerI headed down to the Academy in Bristol tonight to see the long running English rockers The Quireboys kick off a 10 date tour of the UK and as soon as I got through the venue doors I was shocked at just how empty the venue was but that did not stop The Quireboys from putting on a solid show from the moment they promptly came on stage at 9.15pm.

soon as the band took to the stage they smashed their way into an energetic performance with new album opener ‘Too Much Of A Good Thing’ kicking the show off and within seconds frontman Spike was Photo Of The Quireboys © Copyright Triggerthrowing his microphone stand around the stage like a rag doll whilst the rest of the band stayed in their small section of the stage giving Spike all the room he needed to perform, through the show Spike had a lot of time for his fans talking in-between most songs, telling them a bit history about the band, promoting their new album and much more.

Now The Quireboys released their tenth studio album ‘Beautiful Curse’ back in April and tonight’s tour was called the ‘Beautiful Curse’ tour so it was safe to think that the set would be crammed full of new material and it was with The Quireboys playing 6 tracks from their most recent album with the likes of ‘Too Much Of A Good Thing’, ‘Chain Smoking’ and the big drum intro of ‘Beautiful Curse’ having a really positive impact on the crowd tonight.

Photo Of The Quireboys © Copyright TriggerDuring their 1hour and 30minute set tonight The Quireboys managed to play a massive 18 tracks and what started off sounding like a show to showcase their latest album ending like a massive greatest hits show as The Quireboys played various different songs from their back catalogue with ‘Mona Lisa Smiled’, ‘Hey You’ and ‘7’O Clock’ really getting the crowd moving. The set finished with a two track encore which consisted of the bands new single ‘Mother Mary’ which is due for release in December and ‘Mayfair’.

Photo Of The Quireboys © Copyright TriggerDespite the fact that there was only a maximum of 250 people in this near 1500 capacity venue tonight The Quireboys did not let that bother them and still managed to put on a show like they were playing to thousands of people and I feel that is why The Quireboys are still going after nearly 30 years as they clearly don’t care if they play to 1 person or 10,000 people as long as people come out to appreciate their music.

The Quireboys 4/5

Review By Trigger

 The Quireboys

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