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Night Verses
Bristol, Fleece

3rd October 2013

Letlive                                Night Verses

Photo Of Letlive © Copyright Kim HorsleyOnce Night Verses hit the stage, the crowd finally got into gear and the room filled up. Night Verses are very in your face and wake the hell up! Calling the vocalist Douglas Robinson talented would be an understatement in my opinion. I found Robinson’s voice to really capture the audience. Teamed up well with the rest of the band who you could tell genuinely gave it their all. Special mention for the drummer - AricImprota – an outstanding performance from him alone, and the rest of the band were a nice extra. This band had definitely earned their spot in this line-up.

Photo Of Letlive © Copyright Kim HorsleyI have to say, everything you hear and read about Letlive. live shows are true. The band walk out casually on to the stage and pick up their instruments, moments later followed by vocalist Jason Butler (we all welcome Butlers epic beard!) Note: this is the only time you will see any of the band members still and quiet for the next hour. They opened with “Banshee (Ghost Fame)”, the opening track from their new album The Blackest Beautiful. Jason will remain a blur for the rest of the set. The band breath energy and passion for what they do, not a still moment in sight. A lot of the material played was from their most recent album, followed by a classic Black Flag cover “Fix Me”. This lead to the crowd crawling on stage and throwing themselves back into the sea of people. Ending with a few more tracks from Fake History; Day 54 is the closing choice. An invasion on the stage takes place as Butler takes to running along the bar in just boxer shorts. Chaos well and truly breaks out. Bar far one of the most energetic bands I’ve seen live, made to feel more intense in the intimate venue, The Fleece in Bristol.

Long gone are the days of supporting the likes of Enter Shikari and Underoath – Letive. can definitely hold their own.

Night Verses 4/5
Letlive 5/5

Review By Kim Horsley


Jason Aalon Butler
Jean Nascimento
Ryan Jay Johnson
Jeff Sahyoun

 Night Verses

Douglas Robinson
Nick DePirro
Reilly Herrera
Aric Improta

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