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The Defiled
Malefice, Breed 77
Bristol, Exchange

13th May 2013

The Defiled                   Malefice                               Breed 77


So upon entering The Exchange for the first time, it was exactly what you could wish for as a small venue. A small, dark, sweaty room full of metal-heads. The crowd filtered in fast and before Breed 77 were presented on the stage there was a decent sized crowd ready and waiting.

Breed 77, what can I say? They were absolutely full of energy, and André Joyzi absolutely rocked it on the drums, the power coming from the stage was incredible. It was a real let down that the crowd were motionless, despondent, and seemingly uninterested in what they had to say. Lead singer Paul Isola desperately tried to get some sort of action brewing but the crowd were a real let down. The sound was fantastic, the music was tight, and the stage presence was certainly there. I really have no clue what problem the crowd were encountering. They received a slight singalong when their cover of The Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’ was played, and they took a request from a chap at the front to play ‘Insects’. These guys were crowd pleasers, and please me they did. It was a real shame that they didn’t get the response they so rightly deserved.

Malefice had a great sound, and every beat of the drum, every strum of the guitar was spot on. They too struggled with this awkward crowd (who were clearly only there for The Defiled, and seemed unwilling to open their ears slightly!). The power behind lead singer Dale Butler’s voice was captivating, and held my attention through their entire set. The overall set went down fairly well, and they even got a half decent cheer at the end! I sincerely hope these guys get the recognition they deserve at other gigs, because tonight’s response was pitiful, to put it bluntly!

Well, well, well. Everyone knows I’m a Defiled fan by now. After witnessing many, many gig and festival performances it’s now pretty easy to spot when these guys are on a roll. And they were fucking epic, as per usual standards! Since I last reviewed them they have had a drummer change, and jeez, Needles is one smooth, slick bastard. He makes his drum playing look effortless, joking around, spinning sticks, and generally entertaining from the backline! He really adds a certain something to the band, and his character shines through the music.

As predicted, the crowd had obviously saved their energy for The Defiled as all of a sudden there was an overhaul of mental people struggling to get to the front, and they kept up the pace throughout the set! This little venue quickly became a mighty sweaty venue, and was nice and loud!

They played through some new songs from their upcoming album Daggers, and the crowd knew some of them already. There really is something unique about Defiled fans, I’ve never quite met any that are quite so devoted to one band before!
There was only one point that I could *possibly* make a criticism about their performance this evening, and that was when someone knocked the mic stand from Stitch’s face! Completely out of his control and it was resolved quickly. The pit was ace for such a small venue, and fun was had by all! Always worth going back for The Defiled, at the very least, they’ll pour some Jäger down your throat. At best, they’ll knock your socks off with their innovating new music and vigorous set!

Breed 77 4/5
Malefice 4/5
Defiled 5/5

Review By Karlie M

 The Defiled

Stitch D
The AvD
Aaron Curse
Vincent Hyde


Dale Butler
Ben Symons
Andrew Wilson
Tom Hynes
Chris Allan-Whyte

 Breed 77

Paul Isola
Danny Felice
Stuart Cavilla
Pedro Caparros López
Andre Joyzi

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