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The Black Spiders
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall

20th June 2013

Danzig                     The Black Spiders  


It feels like an age since I was last at a gig, no photos with this review tonight, or any photos from anyone really including the crowd. Feels very odd not having my camera in hand shooting.

The main and only support tonight is Black spiders, a band I am very much fond of, they are a dirty Hard rock band, they open with the catchy 'Kiss Tried to Kill Me', followed by 'Stay Down', then the monster tune, 'The Demons Calling', and a new song called 'Balls', off the forthcoming new album, This Savage Land, it's fairly heavy but it's got a pretty decent riff to boot. In the past some of the performances for me have been hit and miss, tonight is a definite hit. The heavy and really catchy 'Just Like A Woman', ( not a cover of the Bob Dylan song sadly, that would be awesome), the song has some pretty nifty solo's in it, guitar wanking at times can be awesome when done right. They close out their set with 'Teenage Knife Gang', apparently it's about one of the band members sons. It's a pretty fast paced song, going really balls to the wall flat out for them too, finishing the set with a blast and just like that's its over, no messing about and dragging it out just bang and done. Another solid performance from a decent British hard rock band.

I'll be honest I've never much cared for Danzig as a solo artist, I've always been interested in his time in the Misfits and on this tour in the UK anyway, he's performing a Misfits set with former Misfits guitarist Doyle ( Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, to give his full stage name) which is a real bonus.

He opens the set with 'SkinCarver', it's a solid opening Song to get the crowd into gear after the very lengthy set break, in which 15 of the minutes was the set change, and 45+ minutes of nothing happening just people milling about the stage doing bugger all. After the crowd shook off the cobwebs, the next song up is 'Hammer Of The Gods', taking things up a notch before the crowd goes a tad mental for 'Twist of Cain'.

As it's the 25th Anniversary tour, tonight's set is very much a fan favourite, best of affair, with the likes of 'Am I Demon', 'Devils Plaything' , 'Blood and Tears' , 'Her Black Wings', being featured early on in the set. The main bulk of his set is over rather quickly, ending this part with 'How The Gods Kill'.

Then the Misfits set happens which I Imagine a lot of the crowd are here to see, judging by the vast amounts of misfits shirts worn tonight. Which brings along a much needed change of pace, a manic one at that. Doyle is a rather large scary looking guy, devilock and all, stomping around the stage. They play the likes of 'Death Comes Ripping', 'Vampira', 'I've Turned into a Martian', 'Bullet', 'Skulls', and my all time favourite Misfits song, 'Last Caress', best song of the night, the reaction from the crowd is immense.

After a short break, Danzig returns with the songs 'Do You Wear the Mark', 'Not of This World' and the super catchy and probably his most well known song, perhaps due to it being featured in guitar hero, 'Mother', it's a great live song. After another short break, Danzig closes out the night with the final Misfits song of the night, 'Astro Zombie' with the crowd naturally singing along as they have done for most of the night.

A pretty good performance from this horror punk veteran , shame I couldn't photograph any of it.

The Black Spiders 4/5
Danzig 4/5

Review By Robert Lawrence


Glenn Danzig
Tommy Victor
Johnny Kelly
Steve Zing

 The Black Spiders

Pete 'Spider' Spiby
Andy 'Ozzy' Lister
Mark 'The Dark Shark' Thomas
'Tiger' Si Atkinson
Adam 'The Fox' Irwin

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