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Olly Murs
Diana Vickers
Westonbirt Arboretum

23rd June 2013

Olly Murs                       Diana Vickers         


Over the past few years the Forestry Commission have been putting on live music at seven different forests across the country and this year their live concerts have been as diverse as ever with the likes of The Script, Paloma Faith, Blondie, Paul Weller, Jessie J, Olly Murs and many other acts signed up for headline forest shows, the great thing about the shows that the Forestry Commission put on is the fact that they take a casual approach to live music as most live venues these days you have allocated seats and have to pay the venues wallet crunching prices but not at the Forestry Commission shows you can bring your own food and drink as long as it passes the rules and regulations stated on their tickets which are extremely fair allowing people to bring up to 2 litres of alcohol or soft drinks as long as it is in a plastic bottle and also pretty much unlimited food.

Tonight I headed to Westonbirt to see everyones favourite X factor star Olly Murs, I got to the venue at 7pm and we got in straight away as the queues had died down and straight away I noticed there was a good atmosphere with what felt like 4000 people packing the venue out and the age group in attendance tonight ranged from toddlers to oap’s and you had the hardcore Olly Murs fans right at the front who I image got to the venue hours in advanced and in the middle spilling out to the back you had the family’s enjoying their picnics with their fold out camping chairs waiting patiently for the nights entertainment to start.

The main support act tonight was Olly’s old X Factor friend Diana Vickers and she took to the stage at 7.45pm and she wasted no time and started interacting with the crowd from the start and her 30 minute set was mainly dominated from new material from her forthcoming second studio album ‘Songs To Make Boys Cry’ and it was the title song from her forthcoming album which really brought the crowd of Westonbirt alive tonight as thousands of people were swaying their arms in the air mimicking the dance moves of Miss Vickers.

Vickers spent a lot of time talking to the crowd tonight about her experience on the X Factor, the reason why she has been away from the music scene for a short while and also to explain the meaning behind pretty much every song she played and she also had a slight technical fault, now most artists a guitar string snaps or something needs retuning but not Diana Vickers her technical fault was her shoelace coming undone but she recovered from it in quite a comical way.

The set closed with a fantastic performance of Vickers forthcoming single ‘Cinderella’ which is due for release on the 21st July and I am sure after tonight’s big pop meets dance set the song will find its self climbing towards the top of the charts.

After a short 25 minute wait Olly Murs and his backing band bounced onto stage, the stage was set up really well with some bright lights, two big screens and Olly’s initials with his trademark triby hat lit up on stage and straight away he thanked his fans for coming out to the show and told them that it was an absolute pleasure to be in their company for the next couple of hours.

The likes of ‘Dance With Me Tonight’, ‘Personal’, ‘Hey You Beautiful’, ‘Hand On My Heart’ all got the crowd going tonight but it was moments where he mixed songs up and added little bits of classic songs such as ‘No Women No Cry’ into his own song’s which really showed his talent off tonight.

In-between each and every song Olly interacted with the crowd and covered everything from school, the X Factor, love letters, detentions, single people, Take Me Out TV show and even got the crowd singing the classic school hymn ‘Whole World In His Hands’.

Towards the end of the set Olly played his current single ‘Dear Darlin’ where he went on to thank his fans for buying the single and helping keep it in the top ten. The set finished with a triple whammy of sing-a-long songs with ‘Right Place Right Time’, ‘Heart Skips A Beat’ and ‘Troublemaker’ ending the set and before the later of the three songs Olly teased the crowd telling them that he is going to be working on his forth studio album and going to call it ‘Westonbirt I Love You’.

Olly Murs is currently on the road supporting Robbie Williams in Stadiums across the UK which is obviously his biggest set of shows to date and you can tell that Olly has learnt so much from Robbie Williams as they have been friends since the X Factor days and Olly is as much of a good entertainer as his partner in crime Robbie Williams and it is safe to say that schools are not going to know what’s hit them on Monday morning when this hyperactive pack of Olly Murs fans hit the class room.

Diana Vickers 4/5
Olly Murs 5/5

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 Olly Murs

Olly Murs

 Diana Vickers

Diana Vickers

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