Gig Review

Kaledon, Hostile
Birmingham, Institute

10th May 2013

Lordi                               Kaledon                    Hostile


Hostile are a local act that whilst weren’t fantastic still had a noticeable spark within their performance that I foretell will blossom into something great over the years. Their front man was confident but maybe a bit too aggressive at times; musically though they had their ups and downs with me as I loved some tracks but others I was not fond, they did a cover also of “Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest which got them their biggest reaction of the night. On the whole I wasn’t sold on them but with the material they have there is some definite potential for them, they just aren’t up there right now.

Kaledon put on a great performance bar a few blunders; those include the singer nailing the guitarist with the mic stand and also him holding the mic too far away at times so that his vocals were inaudible. When they started there wasn’t much reaction from the crown nor was there much excitement but by the time their set was over there was echoes of an audience screaming the lyrics to their material and numerous people bouncing around the room and the band were taken aback by how much love they were being shown by a city so far away from where they originate (From the great Italian city of Rome). Their cliché power metal themes and accompaniment work for them as a style and when their energy and persistence paid off I was more than happy to see a band of this genre absolutely nail it and get some recognition.

Lordi I can easily sum up as a poor man’s Rob Zombie in every respect, that is in no way an insult it is a compliment in my eyes as Rob Zombie costs a fortune whereas Lordi is barely a fraction of the cost but what you do get for that, is costumed musicians who have a great sense of humour and some pretty great tricks thanks to their dedicated crew. Numerous strange costume changes and many ways of coating the audience in all kinds of stuff; foam, water, smoke and spit. The setlist too was enormous, 17 songs plus a drum and guitar solo! A lot more than a lot of headline sets are normally blessed with, the encore in particular was astounding with 3 big hitters “Would You Love a Monsterman?”, “Hard Rock Hallelujah” and “Sincerely With Love” but not only that they pushed through an incredibly rare song “Hulking Dynamo” which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a fantastic mix of theatrics and musical performance I can’t flaw it because everything I’ve ever said makes the perfect show was present this evening, and I absolutely loved it.

Hostile – 3/5
Kaledon – 3.5/5
Lordi – 4.5/5

Review By James Webb


Mr. Lordi
Mr. Amen
Mr. Ox
Mr. Mana
Ms. Hella


Alex Mele
Marco Palazzi
Tommy Nemesio
Daniele Fuligni
Paolo Lezziroli


Jay Mills
A.J Mills
Ben Evans
Alex Hill

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