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Lower Than Atlantis
Dinosaur Pile-Up. Blitz Kids, Mike Foster
Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall

17th April 2013

Lower Than Atlantis          Dinosaur Pile- Up         Blitz Kids          Mike Foster


Photo Of Blitz Kids © Copyright Jude OnionsI arrived at the venue shortly after 7:15pm this evening, thinking I had plenty of time before the first support band were on however, there was a young chap by the name of Mike Foster already up and entertaining the small crowd with his acoustic guitar. A good wholesome sound, with interesting lyrics along with some cheers from a few fans in the crowd.

So, on to first promoted support band, Blitz Kids a four piece alternative rock group from Nantwich. These lads are certainly very desirable with the ladies, seeing how most if not all of the front row is made up of the fairer sex.

Photo Of Dinosaur Pile-Up © Copyright Jude OnionsBringing a pop punk sound, with some serious lyrics behind it they know how to work a crowd well, every song is sang back to them and the atmosphere is quite energised.

'Warrior' is a pretty hefty track with some excellent guitar work and has the crowd warmed up well for the rest of the evening.

Next band up is Dinosaur Pile Up, I get the feeling that they are one of those bands you either really dig, or really can't get into but either way they make the stage their own tonight as main support.

Photo Of Lower Than Atlantis © Copyright Jude OnionsThe sound is very much post-grunge influenced with an extra helping of bass, which does sometimes drown out the rest of the band but generally they seem to go down ok with the crowd tonight. The only thing I found disappointing with this band was the lack of change between tracks, they all sounded very much the same.

Lower Than Atlantis blast onto the stage with 'Love Someone Else', accompanied by some equally charged flash lighting and screaming girls! There is certainly a lot of energy buzzing in the Wulfrun tonight as we move onto 'PMA', 'High at Five' and 'Marilyn's Mansion' all of which performed with 100% conviction before frontman, Mike Duce breaks to talk to the crowd about his cut to the head acquired getting into a taxi the previous night after a few beverages, and trying to get back to the tour bus, which has the young crowd in bits.

Moving on to possibly the more well known track, 'If The World Was To End' which has the crowd jumping and singing/screaming along nicely, before taking things down a notch with 'Scared Of The Dark' showing just how good Mike's voice sounds.

Photo Of Lower Than Atlantis © Copyright Jude OnionsThere is plenty of band and crowd interaction through the entire set, certainly an improvement since I last saw LTA support Twin Atlantic in this very hall almost twelve months ago.

Closing their set with 'Far Q', 'Beech Like The Tree' and a fantastic cover of Electric Six's 'Gay Bar', the night has been pretty spot on from start to end.

Mike Foster 2/5
Blitz Kids 2/5
Dinosuar Pile-Up 2/5
Lower Than Atlantis 3/5

Review By Jude Onions

 Lower Than Atlantis

Mike Duce
Ben Sansom
Eddy Thrower
Dec Hart

 Dinosaur Pile-Up

Matt Bigland

 Blitz Kids

Joe James
Jono Yates
Nic Montgomery
Matt Freer

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