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Killswitch Engage
Sylosis, Heartist
Birmingham, Institute

4th May 2013

Killswitch Engage            Sylosis                   Heartist


Heartist are an American act opening up on this tour, didn’t really know what to expect from them but from their appearance alone I was under the assumption it would be some metalcore/pop rock cross breed like ADTR or other associated artists, I didn’t know at the time how correct I would turn out to be. They had a lot of charisma and energy and their music wasn’t too shabby either, not particularly original or unique but well crafted tunes. Not really much else to say but 1 thing is for sure, there is potential sitting within these youngsters and they will make a name for themselves, how big they get depends on their ability to keep the momentum going over the years.

Sylosis and me have not been connecting as of late in regards to live show. I cannot knock their music as it has always and I can safely say will always be exciting and intricate, however I did knock their performing abilities not so much with mistakes as they are pretty spot on but I feel at a live show when we pay all this money we need something fun to watch and since Jamie Graham was kicked out we haven’t really had much of it. Tonight though they’ve proved once and for all they can pull of a decent set with Josh as their new front man which I never thought I would be able to say, makes a great surprise to turn up to a gig not expecting much from the support act and being treated to a great set. Stunning set filled with old and new dedicating a classic to Slayer’s recently deceased guitarist and inciting some extreme violence down in the pit.

Killswitch Engage have a level they have to hit with this tour, and that is to put on the same energetic hilarious hour and a half that they always have done even though their front man has left, fortunately they have their old one back. That though leaves the question; a lot of people like me wouldn’t have seen Jesse Leech perform with KsE before and have no idea what to expect, so this is the real comparison between him and Howard Jones. I will say this whilst their voices may be similar with slight advantages in both courts their onstage persona’s could not be more different, Howard on one hand was a happy go lucky guy who found himself humoured by Adam D’s antics, Jesse though interacts with Adam like a true competitor and is a bit more aggressive in my opinion on stage. They hammer through a pretty balanced set list apart from missing out the most recent self titled album they did a pretty good job pushing out all the classics. That near enough covers the set, Killswitch Engage are far from dead they are in fact in a stronger position than they were a year or 2 ago when they went off the map, back with a fantastic album and a line up united, recipe for success.

Heartist 3.5/5
Sylosis 4/5
Killswitch Engage 4.5/5

Review By James Webb

 Killswitch Engage

Adam Dutkiewicz
Joel Stroetzel
Mike D'Antonio
Jesse Leach
Justin Foley


Josh Middleton
Alex Bailey
Carl Parnell
Rob Callard


Bryce Beckley
Jonathan Gaytan
Tim Koch
Matt Marquez
Evan Ranallo

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